Tyler, The Creator Slams Will.I.Am


Tyler, The Creator is no stranger to controversy. Last week the Odd Future figurehead criticized the YouTube Music Awards—a ceremony he’s performing at in November—and today he shared some thoughts on super-producer and Black Eyed Peas leader Will.I.Am. In fact, he offered up some career advice. “He’s so talented but he’s making butt shit to make bread,” wrote Tyler on Twitter. “Use the creativity for something tight man.”

According to Tyler’s Twitter timeline, the Wolf rapper recently had a run in with Will.I.Am and well… Let’s have Tyler explain it in his own words.

Lucky for Tyler, Will.I.Am wasn’t his only celebrity run-in lately. He also met up with Dave Chapelle recently and had nothing but nice things to say about the incident. They even took a charming Instagram photo which you can check out below.

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  • jimmistackz

    fuck will i am i cang name one song by that fucken faggot

  • Dre

    Wait, to hate on some1 who is bound to be a Legend… is sooo fucking lame!!!… Kids these days have fuck for respect…I would just ask dude if I was Will I Am . hey are you still an opener or a main act and if your a STADIUM main act, then who in the fuck is opening for you? Dude got tops a 3yr run then Crackhead mode from there… damn I hate disrespectful non talented ass people. Like Prince said to an artist… “What the fuck do you play”? and where is your legendary Album? NOT SINGLE dumb ass !ALBUM

    • Louis Rich

      Say sucking that Will I Am dick faggot.

    • KenthWonder

      Will i am may be a POP legend but nowhere near a rap/hiphop legend

      • erroddd

        Will I Am may have approached the situation with complete disrespect, and that was a mistake on his on his part, but his personality doesn’t define his talent. Clearly not a hip-hop legend, but he definitely has knowledge of the culture. I’ve seen beat battles between him and people like Thes One.

  • Slim Joe

    this is why i fuck with tyler, he speaks the truth