Rick Ross' split with sneaker company Reebok after his infamous "molly all in her drink" line on Rocko's "U.O.E.N.O" was much talked about. Yet, despite the public divorce, Ross has continued to rep the label frequently sporting the apparel. Even further, recent lines like "Reeboks on, I just do it" on Jay Z's "F#ckwitmeyouknowigotit," and the bar "My sneaker deal like A.I.'s" on Meek Mill's "Dope Dealer" have some wondering if the Bawse and Reebok were somehow still in cahoots.

Rozay somewhat set the record straight during a recent interview with MTV. "I still represent and show love to Reebok," he told Sway when the MTV reporter questioned his status with the company. "They've showed me so much love in the past and I just feel good reppin.' "I feel like it's a dope sneaker as well, so that's what it is."

When asked if his deal was still in play, since he still rocks and raps about the label, the MMG HNIC stated, "Not really, not really. It's just more based on the natural.... what I just feel like rocking, and that's Reebok a lot of times."

The Miami rapper reportedly lost out on $3-$5 million when Reebok dropped him as a spokesperson after outrage over a line that depicted date rape had people picketing in front of the shoe company's headquarters. In June, he apologized and called the incident a learning situation.

Rick Ross's forthcoming album, Mastermind, hits shelves December 17.

Check out the entire clip, below.