Ranking The 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher Verses


Last night, BET aired its annual BET Hip-Hop Awards, which means one thing: cyphers. While the awards themselves are more often than not treated as an afterthought at the ceremony, the cyphers still have the potential to make waves. With an early clip of Kendrick Lamar’s appearance leaking weeks before the show, anticipation was higher than ever. Luckily, the event didn’t disappoint.

The appeal of the cyphers is simple: Watch rappers rap. The real fun comes the next day when you’re trying to pick apart who delivered the best verse, who surprised you and who dropped the ball. This year the lineup was more eclectic and wide-ranging than ever, with whole cyphers devoted to hip-hop’s hottest crews TDE and the A$AP Mob, an appearance from the legendary Lil Kim and opportunities for young rising artists like Jon Connor to make a name for themselves. There was even an online cypher, along with one from the Real Husbands Of Hollywood. The pressure was on.

So let’s get to it. Who was the best? We’ve already asked you, but now it’s time to break down each verse—with the exception of the online cypher and the jokey Real Husbands one, though Nelly did have some bars. Here it is: The 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards Cyphers from worst to best. –Dan Jackson And Eric Diep

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  • onetime

    pretty spot on rankings from what I saw. i did think joell should have been a few higher though. you definitely nailed top 3. crooked has an argument for #1 but kendrick killed it

  • Dave Kuhn

    Wax is SO much better than what he showed in his verse. When he brings it proper he can hang with just about anyone.

    • ahhem


  • Tyler Chase

    Ab-Soul at 14 below Q? HA what a joke… Get someone that actually knows hip hop to write these reviews.

  • Mark

    Wax should have been higher and Crooked should have been number one.

    • ahhem


  • klayt

    i think crooked i’s verse should be #1 but i understand why kendrick is

  • Rai

    I think he said “Lox gave us the anthem”

  • boxing101

    crooked i murdered it .. never spit a wack verse in his life

  • Robert Stewart

    FERG! #10? He should’ve been next to Travis atleast

  • Peso

    Slaughterhouse as a group killed the cypher but Kendrick had to best verse overall in my opinion. King Kendrick murdered it and reminded me why I started loving hip-hop in the first place…BARS. Travis Scott I’ve never listened to or gave a chance but his verse was horrible, hope he was really trying to go off the head because I know that wasn’t some written lmao
    I love the whole TDE movement, reminds me of some NWA type sh*t but for this younger rap generation.

  • bryan

    This was obviously judged based on favoritism instead of lyrics.

  • Blalalaladingdong

    Why is Rapsody ranked higher than Rittz?

  • Drake

    “Rashad didn’t let the pressure get to him, delivering a strong verse full of threats, boats and clever asides.”

    And yet, he got ranked #15? Should have been higher.. Also, ASAP Ferg and Rocky above Royce and Budden? Nah…

  • NotoriousBarbie2000

    Lil’ Kim came in and switched up the whole mood
    She’s a veteran / legend and has proved she can spit fire. She killed her cypher to me and her shouting out BIGGIE at the end of it was the icing on the cake. I swear she’s the only one keeping that man alive.
    Anybody hating on Lil’ Kim in this post can choke.

    • clarke101

      You STILL talkin bout dat s**t. DAYUM child, GET A LIFE!

    • draybrownz

      I’ve always said that any rapper dumb enough to battle Lil Kim is lookin to get they ass handed to them:::::::::::::::::Niggas think they runnin in my pu$$y like a pap smear, and Ima tell you now just like i told you last year, nigga$ ain’t stickin unless they lick the kitten, oh and i forgot the shower pissing,,,,,,you think im kiddin? That shit is hot.

      • NotoriousBarbie2000

        Yessss !!!!! omggg
        QUEEN !!!!!
        Kim kills these dudes EASY !!

  • NotoriousBarbie2000

    Elderly and mentally unstable niggas be like “Get A Life”
    but they follow you so they can stalk you on every website and reply to every single comment you make ???
    #TheMadness ICANT !!! lmao ! #TheseBumsBePARCHED

    • clarke101

      And that crazy @$$ #BLAH,BLAH, BLAH s**t is juvenile as hell.

  • t0wlie

    crooked I sick as fuck, rittz sick as fuck, rapsody’s sick as fuck………… but


    “hollywood’s been good to me, lil hood nigga used to pawn my mother’s jewelry, family jewel’s big as fuck and i got the balls to say it, balls deep, ballin out, til Spalding need a replacement”

  • truth

    this dan jackson fool needs to seriously retire from this shit for thinkin ferg is anywhere other then the worst 3… bronson is a top five, wtf is rhapsody goin in top 10 and all slaughterhouse members should be in top 10