“Free Offset” flooded Migos’ Twitter timeline as soon as word got out that their third member would be incarcerated. October 15 marked the return of Offset, who was in jail at Dekalb County for probation violation since January. When Quavo and TakeOff were off shutting down Atlanta’s Birthday Bash and making multiple songs with Drake earlier this year, Offset was patiently waiting for his moment. “I really was anticipating me getting out so I can go ahead and put my style back to the group,” he says in his post-jail interview with XXL. Here, Offset speaks about his plans to get back into the game, signing autographs while he was inside, and going all in on Migos’ Young Rich Niggas 2 dropping soon.—Eric Diep

XXL: It’s been a long time coming.
Offset: Long time, man. Time for me to go ahead and turn up and go hard.

How does it feel?
It feels crazy. First of all, it’s a blessing being able to come home and everything poppin’. Everything boomin’. But really, I gotta go ahead head first.

Now that you are back with your boys, what’s the first order of business?
“Hannah Montana.” Really getting into the street, that’s my first plan. That’s my first business. I need a hundred. I am gonna go crazy on “Hannah Montana.”

You weren’t on “Hannah Montana” originally.
No, I wasn’t on it, but you will hear me on it. I’m gonna add a verse. Go crazy.

When you were away, how aware were you of Migos’ success?
I knew everything. They kept me posted everything on the movement, so I knew from the jump. Cause I had to get out and handle business. I knew everything was going crazy. I really was anticipating me getting out so I can go ahead and put my style back to the group.

I remember when I first spoke with them, they wanted to keep you in the loop as much as possible.
We talk every day. It was an everyday thing. They kept me posted. They held me down. They my brothers, so it wasn’t nothing spectacular. I knew it was going to happen. I knew they were gonna get on.

What do you bring to Migos that’s missing?
I bring Offset to the group. Offset is a boss. Offset is a young rich nigga. Offset is what Offset is. We all brothers, but I just bring another style to the group. We all different. Ain’t none of us the same. We all bring a different quality to the group. That’s why its quality control.

What is the biggest change in hip-hop now? There are a lot of rappers now borrowing that “Versace” flow. How does it feel that you guys made an impact?
I am on “Versace” too. I’m the third verse on “Versace.” I mean, we trendsetters. It really was something to be proud of. We set a trend in the industry. You know what I mean saying? That was our style.

You’ve been gone since January. What were you thinking about when you were in there?
Well, when I was in there I was thinking a lot. It’s just a time to sit down. God do everything for a reason. But, I knew we were going to take over the game. I really wasn’t stressing or nothing like that. I already knew it was going to happen.

Were you writing?
Yeah, I was. I was writing a lot.

Did anybody recognize who you were? Did they know you were famous?
Yeah, all the officers. People in there knew. I was signing autographs and everything. They knew what was going on.

You were incarcerated for the recordings of Y.R.N. What are we going to see from you in Y.R.N 2?
I’m going to bring Offset to the table. I am going to be on every track. I am going to hard, I am going to go crazy on every track. I am going to introduce the world who Offset is.

What do you think people will be surprised by?
My verses. My style. How I dress. My appearance. My style Offset. Straight up Offset. Ain’t nobody like me. It’s who I am.

Migos have worked with names the industry like French Montana and Zaytoven. What do you think of their big moves?
It made me feel good. We came along way, from the bottom to the top. So, now that we at the top, you gotta adjust. Ain’t no pressure on none of us like that, but it made me happy though. That we got big things going on. I knew [we’d be big.] But, it’s bigger than I knew. I always knew at the same time that it was going to get here. I only been out for two hours.

Did you get a chance to see the “Versace” video when you got out?
Yeah, I seen it. It’s crazy. It really look like it’s a movie. Crazy though. My brothers looking crazy on there, man. Quavo walking that leopard, killing ‘em folks.

Now, you guys are working on “Hannah Montana.” What would you think if Miley came through for it?
That would be crazy. That would be a work of art. And that "Hannah Montana," we are turning it into a twerk mix, too. Keep your ears open for that.