Atlanta trio Migos are riding high after their “Versace (Remix)” featuring Drake went viral. The single, which appears on their breakout mixtape Y.R.N., is one of many standout tracks that have sent their fans into a frenzy. With a growing buzz, it seems Drake's co-sign is worth more than a high-profile collaboration.

“We met Drake at [Hot 107.9's] Birthday Bash [when] 2 Chainz brought him out. He greeted us. He liked everything off the tape,” Quavo tells XXL about Drizzy surprisingly being a fan of their music. “He started naming songs off the tape. We looking at him like, ‘Yo, that’s crazy.’ We told him we had to get one in. He said, ‘If I gotta get one in, I rather get on “Versace” or “Pronto,”’” TakeOff added.

From there, the partnership with Drake was underway. The OVO leader breathed new life into the Zaytoven-produced banger, which contains some of his most scorching bars to date. The remix has the perfect combination to start off the summer right. And Drake isn’t the only rapper. Meek Mill, Tyga, Soulja Boy, and more have made remixes of their own.

“It just let you know what we are doing out here,” Quavo says of the remixes. “They shout out to Migos. So, shout out to them. I rock with them,” TakeOff chimed in.

While you can probably expect other remixes to come off “Versace,” Migos hinted there are more songs with Drizzy tucked away. “He got on a couple more other ones, but we ain’t even put them out.” TakeOff told us. “We are just gonna keep them in the vault. We got so much music. Just hold out."