Excluded BET Cyphers Rapper, Charron, Fires Shots At Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Chief Keef And Others


Kendrick Lamar’s verse on the BET Hip-Hop Awards show cypher isn’t the only controversial happening associated with this year’s show. Toronto rapper Corey Charron caused a stir after saying he was excluded from the taped freestyle session even after being promised a spot when he won out on 106 & Park‘s Freestyle Friday. In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Charron said he was given several excuses by the station but never a concrete answer as to why he was left out. Tired of the evasion, the rapper is taking BET to task with his version of his “BET Cypher Verse.” Not only does the self-proclaimed King of T.Dot call out Black Entertainment Television, he also disses a number of rappers including Murda Mook, Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, Lil Twist, Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar and Chief Keef.

Check out Charron’s scathing retort to his exclusion from the BET Cyphers, below.

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  • HamandEgger

    So they excluded him because he sucks…makes sense

    • maybeyourdaddy

      No your mom should of swallowed you because she sucks

  • falstonc


  • Infamous

    yeah he does really suck, how did he ever win any contest

    • shockgamers

      bet you couldn’t beat him in a battle

      • Infamous

        I wouldnt give no canadian the time of day, i got red white and blue in this blood not some maple leaf fairy boy who couldnt hack it on BET

        • gotem

          lol couldn’t hack it? he won…

          • Infamous

            obviously he didn’t if he’s complaining, Eminem would detroy this fairy ghost

    • Truth

      You’re whack.

  • SoLoud ImDeaf

    He wasn’t very good. No flow but at least he can write.

  • Michael Burmeister

    Dude’s got LYRICS…and y’all hatin’ on him for that.

    Par for the course for Dumbed Down Magazine’s readers.

  • Jdot

    he went in….respect to this dude for speaking his mind on todays “hip-hop”. This aint supposed to be a radio hit.

  • Johnny Hedden

    would be dope if his flow was better

  • Malcom X

    he’ll be dead in a week when chief keef here’s this

    • kevsaiyanknighth

      fuck chief keef and i’m from chicago that nigga ain’t doing shit.

      • Keep It Real or STFU

        don’t that nigga live in GA now?

      • Kaylynn Walker

        Nigga u aint from no chiraq nigga calm dat down LMFAO!!!!!!!

        • kevsaiyanknighth

          silly trollop i was born over east (78th marquette)fuck does me being from chicago even (though I am) have to do with me not liking how that retard chief keef raps? he makes music for special education black folks. You retarded ass niggas stay defending this dirty block nigga.

          • Kaylynn Walker


    • Kam Speech

      Lmfao. The guy can’t even “rap” and is no where close to “Hip” as in Hip-Hop


      • Kaylynn Walker

        How about u tri to blow up as big as chief keef did how u gone say chief keef cant rap and the boy make more money than yo broke ass Can make in a minute and he started off at 16 with a record deal lol

    • YO mOMMA

      dick riding faggot

    • Kaylynn Walker

      hell yeah

    • Andre Jones

      Lol. You mean “hears” this? Go back to school Malcolm X.


    He actually has some good things to say if you listen but the delivery was just off.

    • Keep It Real or STFU

      way off

    • Tokyo Nomaku

      I think being too angry makes that shit happen.

  • falstonc

    White privilege is owning a majority of the networks on television and demanding representation on one of the few channels dedicated to minorities lol

    • zxc


    • Truth Sayer

      Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

  • Seajae Poseidon Robinson

    Cory Charron, BET lied to your face! Lol

    No doubt, this will best all of the cyphers hands down. Niggas dont know what real lyrical content is anymore. Hence the ones sayin this is wack.

    • Keep It Real or STFU

      so your saying he’s better than Kendrick?

      • Seajae Poseidon Robinson

        Wow… THATS wutchu got huh? Anyway, Charron shoulda known Drake aint finna have some other rapper from Canada outdo him. “Ooohhh! Illuminati conspiracy!” hahaha

        • Keep It Real or STFU

          yeah because this Chevron dude is straight ass. That’s all. Case Closed Shirlock

      • Tokyo Nomaku

        Kendrick sucks cock. The end.

    • koot316

      so if this was the best to you wtf fuck did you listen to stfu lying bro his lyrics was mediocre at best punchlines where more like slaps not punches c’mon son

  • falstonc

    White privilege is making an entire XXL article about a sub-par white rapper instead of instead of giving shine to those deserving

    • The P

      Blaming white people for all black problems is so tired and overplayed. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. I busted my ass in school to get good grades and then get a good job and give myself options for my life and my future, just like my parents who provided me with my privileged life taught me to do and did so themselves. Time to stop complaining, get off your ass, and make something of yourself. Stop blaming white people. Stop hating on rappers like Charron just because he’s white. YOU are the ignorant, racist one, not the white people you’re finger-pointing. Check yourself, think before you speak, or just shut up with your ignorance altogether.

  • Clondyke Classic

    he gave these niggas da bidness lol

  • Owen Plamann

    Let me get this straight: when Kendrick Lamar spends a few seconds in his verse bringing up a bunch of rappers’ names in a song without any decent rhyming and barely even dissing them, he just changed the game completely and is a legend. But when an underground artist does a 3-minute straight verse with lyricism and disses, taking no prisoners, he’s just some guy trying to diss to get famous. It’s not like he’s trying to knock sense into the retarded mainstream ideas of today, or anything, nah, he’s just taking an easy way to fame. No Charron, get back in line with all those other rappers who got famous by making a trap beat on FL Studio, putting no effort into their verses, and using a catchy hook. You must be stupid, thinking you can become a famous rapper by actually rapping.

    For all you slow people, that was sarcasm.

    • Seajae Poseidon Robinson

      I voted it up, butchu can get off FL Studio like that tho. Lmao

    • Big Ern

      I dont think anyone in the music industry will tell you that Kendrick changed the game or became a legend because of the control freestyle….that freestyle doesnt mean shit in the big scheme of things…its almost irrelevant now…he was already well on his way to legendary status when he dropped GKMC….this dude is not entertaining…if he wants to criticize BET and the industry and other artists he should just write an op-ed….u can black out the screen and so no one sees his “image of a nerd” thats not appealing to the “target market” and he would still be wack…i honestly think if he wasnt white he would have less of a platform than he does now because his delivery and punchlines are just not there at all…

    • cory

      real talk

    • Tokyo Nomaku

      That’s the best comment I’ve seen on this lame ass rag. Most of the articles kiss some bitch ass rapper whose rhymes were written by their five year old son… .

  • mmkk213


    Uh Oh! Watch out!!!!! respect for this white boi

  • toni

    yall saying he sucks???yal pobly same ones that listen to rick ross . 2 chainz and lil wayne too..

  • kevsaiyanknighth

    song was wack.

  • jimmistackz

    they hate him bc hes white its that simple.

    • Kaylynn Walker

      Eminem white and I like him be more specific bitch

      • jimmistackz

        hoe suck this dick

  • Infinite8

    Would be pretty good if he had a better rapping voice. Im listening to him spit (not literally) and I just cant believe he really means what is rapping about. He’s tryin to go hard but its like WHATEVER!!! Oh well.

  • fuck theys lame ass niggas

    yall need to pull the dick out your ears . I was triping on his flow at 1st but after a few bars dam he can spit . I like lamar but felt his album was more for the mainstream but all bump the sec 80 all day. but besides that dude is good and iam shore and time he,ll get better. and yes this for any one saying iam hateing fuck wayne fuck rick ross fuck drake fuck 2chains fuck niki fuck all the wack ass rappers . that’s that shit I don’t likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Mr. Greezy

    this verse went harder then anything out this year by far !!!

  • Jon Carcione

    He beating all Americans? Get the fuck outta here! Canada = America light!

    • Willow

      When he says that .. he means he beat all the challengers on BET FREESTYLE.. which is fact !!! He did that !!

  • Jon Carcione

    He beating all Americans? Get the fuck outta here! Canada = America light!

  • BrianRaider

    I Was Wondering What Caused Disqus To Crash… I Guess This Is It. He Came Hard. I Can Fuck Wit It…

  • Keep It Real or STFU

    Voice, Presents, Lyrics, Delivery = Your Wack! That’s why they didn’t want you on there.

  • nahzy

    reppin the king of the dot atta boy

  • HipHop4Life

    Charron may not have a deep voice but he goes in hard and spits with real passion. The kid definitely has talent.

  • Skyy Royal

    Too RAW for BET or . . . are they madd that the white boy actually said some lyrical competition rap to challenge the few lame ass rapper who get more shine than rappers like Phonte , Jean Grae , Immortal Technique or Big Remo . Even Thee Tom Hardy and Rapsody Need their shine right now .

  • Big U. Far Rock NYC

    Nice, keep it gully. Fuckem all tight pants wearin fake rappers

  • PrettyFlacko

    this is shit …hope this dude know BET doesnt give a fuck about his broke ass ..half the rappers he called out are probably at home laughing at this piece of shit video..low budget having ass, homemade moms basement video cypher making ass nigga

    • shockgamers

      lmfao you talk with a pretty mouth I bet you get fucked in it alot don’t you faggot?

      • PrettyFlacko

        ayye broke niggas will be #Brokeboyz … dont ever fucking comment on my post bitch ass nigga

  • Kaylynn Walker

    Free #AlmightySosa he gotta go to jail tomorrow he be out on da 25th dis white boy lucky he talkin bout people like he wit the shits

  • IAmNocx


  • TheRenaissanceMan

    Flow is beyond terrible but lyrics are straight

  • Jon Tewnes

    umm in all fairness this was average. He did name drop so i give him props for that but there are much better cypher verses out there. Jeff Turner, OBVI, GLAMIROCk, Futuristic, CityBoiIG if thats his best verse he’d get murdered. Don’t care what you look like verse just didn’t move me. But once again respect for having the balls to write/record that.

  • Chase Roundtree

    i’ve seen charron on KOTD and he’s a good battle rapper. not a big fan of his music though. Lyrically he’s sound but his flow is terrible. honestly he would be trash on the cypher. all that being said, he earned his spot and BET is trash for not letting him on. i wasn’t going to watch to see him anyway but this is just wrong whats being done to him.

  • middygreen

    This stupid ass white boy don’t realize he wasn’t aloud on the cypher because cyphers are supposed to be freestyle,his shit is obviously written he says it in his rymes and that shit was wack cuz he doesn’t convince me with his words half if not most of the niggas he named from the hood even Ross. Overall as a rapper he was rightfully left out the cipher,plus he has no swag. It’s not discrimination they had logic up there he white and mgk,yella wolf,eminem,and macc miller you just suck. Learn some swagg and delivery and learn the difference between written rap and freestyle

    • dieslowdian

      not supposed to be freestyle ???

      Freestyle Friday Champ winners have been on the cypher every year , thats part of the prize of winning

  • K-NOS

    Imagine if Kendrick Lamar was white and was just starting out in rap. Now imagine him if he was complete milquetoast, highlighting the worst KOTD can offer

    This is the Control verse THAT Kendrick would have made. Battle rap punchlines full of YMCMB similes like he doesn’t know how to write any others, enough name-checking to make it sound like he’s begging for attention… which he is, no doubt, and… da fuck was with that Miley line? This is wack enough to make me NOT care about what BET might/might not have done, and make me thankful that we didn’t see this guy in the Cypher.

  • Nigster

    Charron got nuts for this fellas.Get ready for bombs from one of them.

  • koot316

    man tis sit was wack ass fuck im sorry but i see why he not on the cypher it wouldnt match plus he would get the shit beat out of him for talking so reckless at the awards plus he talking violence and he from Canada when we all know thats the most non violent country to date…lol…ive always thought he sucked even on 106 and park sorry

  • koot316

    Plus you got a bitch name Charron lol

  • Kreativeapparel


  • B

    Charron is from Ottawa, Ontario. Respect homey.

  • De Liv Rex

    kids got barz but the flow is sub-par

  • Trey Arline

    He disses America, but want to pursue a career in American music. He disgustingly wishes death on someone he’s never met simply because he favors someone else’s music. Some of the lyrics were great (Rick Ross line was funny), but he lacks the flow or delivery of a seasoned rapper. Dude have absolutely every right to be mad at BET did contractually, but he took this one a little too far calling them out in that way.

  • Kinn

    Y’all complain too much. Instead of filing a lawsuit or some bullshit pussy move, he took BET head on. Respect Charron.

  • robertoV05

    Come on now, no racial argument enters into this at all considering the first rapper to rap in the first BET cipher was a “clean cut” white guy from DC named Wax. There were plenty of white guys in the ciphers who were really good, better than this guy, and those guys were straight up white. White as you can get. Though his skills are presentable, this guy is just looking like nothing but a straight hater. Like them or hate them, the artists he calls out got theirs. Its obvious Charron got his following judging from the comments, but I wouldn’t expect anything more than free mixtapes on Dat Piff from this guy.