Earlier in the week, Drake’s tour DJ premiered a snippet of a new Hit-Boy produced track entitled “Trophies” during a tour stop in NYC. Though only one verse long, the track sounded good enough to leave many wondering why the song didn’t make the cut for Drizzy’s new album Nothing Was The Same. It did, at first, according to “All Me” rapper. But, a chorus, or lack thereof, forced Aubrey to abort the song at the last minute.

“It was definitely on the album,” Drake recently told RevoltTV noting that Hit-Boy would probably shake his head in disappointment when he heard the interview. He went on to explain how the hook was what stopped the record from making the final cut. “I’m not a just throw it together type of guy,” he added. “I had two different hooks on there. I didn’t like either of them. I started sending it around. As great of a job as other people did it didn’t sound right if I wasn’t on the hook.” The YMCMB rapper revealed he likes to do his own choruses for performance purposes, but time factored in and the cut slipped through the cracks. Drizzy said he will eventually unleash the entire track. “I’m going to finish it up and drop “Trophies,” he said. Adding, “I got a lot of records that aren’t out yet.”

Check out the entire clip, below.

[via RevoltTV]