A few years ago, Hit-Boy was a virtually unknown producer. Now the Grammy-winning beat maker is doing all he ever dreamed of. That includes recently chilling with one of his producing idols, Dr Dre. So, is the Hip Hop Since '87 head honcho on tap to work on the elusive Detox album? "They didn't want me to give any information about it...[Me and Dre] just kicked it," said Hit-Boy in a recent interview with HardKnockTV. "I played him a couple things. I'm not saying we are working together or anything. We just vibed. That was just an amazing thing to have somebody of that caliber, somebody who I genuinely studied as a student of music, to be there co-singing some stuff I was doing," he added saying Dre even autographed his copy of The Chronic.

Hit-Boy has worked with a who's who of powerhouse industry artists during his meteoric rise. One major player who he has failed to get an album placement with is Drake. The "All Me" rapper recently mentioned that he and Hit-Boy have some records together that didn't make the cut for his album, Nothing Was The Same. Hit-Boy confirmed the existence of the songs but said whether the public gets to hear them or not is on Drizzy. "That's 100 percent up to Drake," he said, "but I just know that shit is awesome. It's all in what his vision is. Whatever he want to do with the songs. He knows what his plans are and what he want to do. I'm just here to help bring his vision musically."

Check out the entire interview, below.