Are Chris Brown And Drake Friends Again?

While the saga continues for Drake and Kendrick Lamar, it seems another feud is coming to a close.

Chris Brown and Drake, who have allegedly brawled at a New York nightclub and talked smack to each other afterwards, have let calmer minds prevail. In a recent post on Brown’s Facebook page, he states “hangin with Drake in the studio.”

Huh? Here’s a reminder: Drizzy and Brown were said to be romantically involved with Rihanna. The pair reportedly fought over her last December, which resulted in a bar brawl and thrown champagne bottles. RiRi never officially responded to the back and forth, but it was a huge moment in her tumultuous relationship with Breezy.

It’s unclear whether the footage was taken before or after their altercation. But it looks like Drizzy has joined in on the sessions for Brown’s upcoming album X.

[via Billboard]

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  • Peso

    the hype-machine is crazy. Probably never was no beef but all hype except the fact they both loved Rihanna and I can feel them on that because I feel the same way about her and I’ve never met her lmao
    Drake is my favorite of this generation but when he said he felt like someone was going to die between him and Chris Brown over there beef I know for a fact Biggy & Pac rolled over in there graves RIP

  • LuiKang

    man this picture old af… u can see chris wearing a “POW” chain… those fell off a while ago. celebs dont wear that shit no more.