By now, we should all be accustomed to Kanye West’s occasional wild rants. Pusha T is. But that didn’t stop him from being wowed by Yeezy’s request to add his two cents at the Virginia MC’s NYC album listening. West's two cents, of course, turn into an epic rant in support of his artist. The Clipse member recently chopped it up with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg and Ebro Darden and revealed that when Ye’ asked to speak on My Name Is My Name at the listening, he was totally caught off guard. “First of all, when he asked me for the mic I almost fainted, then,” said Pusha. “I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, you want a mic?’” I purposefully had the mic far away because I didn’t even feel like talking. He asked for the mic. So then, I had to go get it. I was like, okay hold on a minute. Here we go.”

Push went on to say, working closely with Yeezy for the past couple of years has gotten him used to West’s braggadocio. “He always sits around and has that braggy attitude about what’s being done in music. What, he’s going to do in music. What we’ve done. Things we’ve created. ‘We made this. We made that,’” said Push. “So it’s really not new to me. People just don’t know that. Until he goes on one of his wild rants.”

Check out the clip, below. My Name Is My Name drops October 8.