50 Cent Pokes Fun At Gucci Mane, Bobby Brown, And DMX


50 Cent did not sit quietly following Gucci’s claim that the New York rapper’s former girlfriend Ciara had once cheated on him with the Ice Cream man. Firing back almost immediately the rapper took to his instagram page calling the Brick Squad top dog a crack head.

“Look Kids CRACK is cool, I mean EVERYBODYS doing it”, read the picture which bears Gucci, DMX, and Bobby Brown in the background. Captioning the picture, “Keep the noise down I’m trying to sleep. I have work in the morning Lol #SMSAudio”, 50 was clearly retaliating for the outburst Gucci had earlier that night.

The initial tweet, “Ask Ciara did she ride dat bike for gucci in cali while she was with 50″, was amongst the first of  many with Gucci calling out the two entertainers as well as a host of other celebrites.

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  • Kayo

    same guy that spent his whole career as some crack dealer stereotype. fuckouttahere

    • Keon

      Lol but he sold crack, he never did crack. He was smart with himself and didn’t get fucked up. He got money while people like Gucci Mane were killing off their brain cells.

    • HP

      I dont smoke crack mothafucka i sell it – Kendrick

  • Ramon Rojo

    50 be like Ion smoke crack muthafucka i sell it

  • Tha don

    50 is washed also.

  • F.W

    50 silly lol.

  • hstlr31

    F#ck 50!!!

  • Gems Margiela

    call 50 washed up all you want, he’s still richer then gucci will ever imagine stick to the subject of post

  • dag0d

    leave dmx alone

  • BuhRent

    50 just trying to get his name out there anyway he can

  • bread

    50 got a song wit gucci and shouts him out a lot.. u internet nerds are thinking about this tooo much

  • FatAmerica

    50 cent is a snitch ass nigga and should have gotten merked who cares what that nigga thinks

  • JD

    Its cocaine not crack… remember the mental hospital situation???…half of these rappers snort coke…GUWOP!!!

  • bitchimfromdallas

    i dont like 50 cent #guccination #teamjarule …im all about my dollars fuck 50 cent hell ya mean lmao