Twenty-four hours after he announced his resignation with Hot 97, Mister Cee was back on the radio today to spin another one of his signature throwback mixes at noon. It was a heartwarming moment for a man whose personal struggles have lead to public humiliation over the last few years.

However, Cee is not the first person in hip-hop to abruptly change his or her mind. Over the years, many an artist or an executive has made a a quick decision only to change their minds at the last moment. Here is a short list of people who decided to change their minds on a decision at the last moment.

50 Cent Promises To Quit Music If He Lost To Kanye, Doesn't

On September 11, 2007, 50 Cent competed with Kanye West over who would sell the most albums during the first week of their respective album releases. 50 had promised that he would quit music if he lost to Kanye, but when the final sales tally was totaled up and it was apparent that 50 had lost, 50 backtracked on his promise claiming that he meant "globally," and thus, 50 continues to release music to this day.

Kanye Quits Twitter, Returns Two Days Later

In August 2012, Kanye West mysteriously deleted the entire lot of his tweets to the confusion of his 8 million-plus followers on Twitter. Kanye left with a message in all caps that he would "BE BACK SOON." Less than two days later, Kanye rejoined the service.

Snoop Dogg Vows To Quit Smoking Weed, Pretty Much Still Smokes All The Time

Although he would not be the first person in the world to make a claim that he would stop smoking marijuana for the sake of his children, Snoop Dogg made headlines in 2002 when he announced that he was retiring his bong. Snoop's new Straight Edge life lasted temporarily as he announced that he was back to smoking weed a few months later.

Game Tells Jay Z To "Suck His D***" On Stage, Says There Is No beef

Back In 2005, a recording of Game insulting Jay Z and Roc-A-Fella Records while on stage at Amsterdam began to circulate around on the internet. In the recording, Game reportedly yells out "Jay Z and Roc-A-Fella can suck my dick." Afterward in an interview, Game backtracked on his brash declaration by claiming that he was merely "shout-out" in defense of himself against perceived shots at himself by the Roc-A-Fella camp and proceeded to say there was no beef. A few years later, Game re-ignited the beef after firing multiple diss songs at Jay Z.

Every Rapper Ever Says They Are Going To Retire And Promptly Doesn't

Here is a short list of rappers who claimed they were going to retire and absolutely did not: Jay Z, Ma$e, Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, Waka Flocka Flame, Drake, Azealia Banks, Spaceghost Purrp, J-Zone, Roscoe Dash, Every Other Rapper On The Planet...

The lesson is obvious. No rapper retires. Rap retires you.