Riff Raff’s Best Remixes So Far


Riff Raff is often viewed as an underdog in hip-hop. Together with his outgoing personality and bizarre appearance, some rap fans have yet to accept Riff as a legitimate artist. However, since signing to Diplo’s Mad Decent label, Riff is set to prove his forthcoming Neon Icon album is something serious. Before the album drops, though, Riff has been feeding his fans with a steady supply of remixes on hip-hop’s biggest anthems. From Young Jeezy’s “R.I.P.” to Doe Boy’s “What You Mean?”, Joey Highroller has consistently delivered boastful, stream of conscious rhymes that hit hard. While we wait for his next surprise, we select the best remixes out now. Check out why the white Spike Lee hasn’t disappointed.—Compiled By Eric Diep And Dan Jackson

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  • illive music

    Instead of looking at strange pictures of comedians that cant rap, go get Kadeve’s new
    album The Bear The Star Da King. This album is no joke and one of the
    best west coast albums, along side kendrick’s & games. Search Kadeve
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    • oatbag

      hating on independents is the way to get to the top, sure is. GTFO.

      Learn from Riff, you don’t have to hate to make a name for yourself, no matter how wack some people think you are.

      • illive music

        now that we have your attention… go get Kadeve’s or Riff Raff’s album asap & support indie artists! To reflect on your comment, riff raff is a top notch entertainer, a funny/nice individual, and we like riff raff, as far as rap goes, he’s a terrible rapper. That’s just the reality of life. I dont rap or entertain cuz im not Kadeve or Riff Raff but I am good at getting your attention on the internet, and Im a great typer. I have learned from riff raff and I will take his 5 star entertainment skills and possibly write a comedy like step brothers or brothers soloman.thanks for the support!

        • Ryan Mooney

          Yikes man, get out of here. That is not the way to go about promoting your wack ass music.

          • illive music

            Ryan, illive only pushes great music by great artists. they dont push entertainment driven rap.real ish by real mfers who can rap for real.theres no gimmick to the music.when music needs a gimmick it lacks substance, when music lacks substance it needs a gimmick, its just the truth and im sorrry to tel u that. Instead of living in a false reality, download free music on theyre site and make a logical decision about whats wack and whats not. illive is the real deal and hasnt signed 1 bs artist.focused on the artistry of music. i get paid to blog and get your attention so it worked.honestly i think the owner of illive is friends with riff raff, and i know the guys at illive like riff raff, so your missing the point im afraid. I got a great idea… go buy riff raffs & kadeves album, listen to them both, then post a logical discussion about the goods and bads of both albums and which one you like better, then your supporting indie artists and good people in a logical way. dont be a couple of terds and go get the albums ya bishes

          • fds

            your spamming comments to promote your noname albums LOL

            give up, whoever your promoting sucks, tell him not to quit his dayjob, noone wants to read your spam comments pussboy

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          • illive music

            fds: we dont have day jobs but we will go get some now,we are looking for jobs with no random drug tests, so let me know bro.
            Damn man, I thought jin was a great rapper, and what does nikes have to do with asians rapping. I fuckin love fake nikes damn, and i love spam man, damn. your just a mean guy man. im sorry i have to go, me and my friends are going down to the alley in DTLA to grab some shoes, then we have to go turn in some apps.
            Side note: go get that new Kadeve album on itunes bro, its called the bear the star da king. Thank you for your time ya bish you