DJ Khaled has become a certified force in hip-hop known for being behind the biggest summer anthems of the year. Khaled’s latest single “No New Friends,” with its unique ‘90s-themed visual, is steadily growing in popularity. The song has been on the Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks now, but Khaled is promising to deliver “another smash” for his next single.

“As soon as 'No New Friends' goes to No. 1—which is any day now,” Khaled tells XXL. “Expect another smash single and I got some gifts in between before I drop the album.”

Suffering From Success is Khaled’s seventh studio album. He has stated earlier this year the album will cover a variety of anthems—detailing both the suffering and success sides of his life. Since solidifying a September 24 release date, the We The Best CEO has been quiet about what he has in store next. His track record, however, does speak for itself.

“I am only recording the best shit ever,” he said. “I’m not in the studio just recording a record. If it ain’t fucking groundbreaking, I ain’t touching it. I’m taking my time with it.”

While Khaled is tightly lipped about who will be on the next posse cut, he remains as confident as ever. After all, Khaled has gathered the likes of everyone from Lil Wayne to Kanye West on his previous albums. “I can’t tell you yet, but just know I don’t play,” he said.

It’s difficult to doubt him. Whatever his gifts will entail before the big release date, Khaled sounds ready to takeover the summer.

“I want to call them gifts because not anybody can do what I do,” he boasted. “I gotta call it a gift, you know what I mean?"