Ever since dropping his stellar XXX mixtape nearly two years ago, Danny Brown has amassed a giant fan following and toured the world with some of hip-hop's most buzzworthy artists. He was also a XXL Freshman last year, which is pretty impressive. Still, Danny's follow-up to XXX—his debut studio album called Old—has been in the works for all these years, with no real release date in sight. A few months ago, Danny dropped singles like  "Grown Up" and "Kush Coma" and even promised an August release date, but Old still seemed like a myth that would continue to elude Brown's fans. Recently, he spoke with Fader and touched on the delay.

In the interview, Danny admits, "At this point I guess it’s still supposed to be a secret. It’s supposed to be really soon. Everything is done, the music is done,the videos is shot, the cover is done. I’m just waiting on Fool’s Gold to push the button." Here's to hoping they push it soon. In the meantime, make sure to catch Danny and Action Bronson on their 2 High 2 Die Tour, which kicks off tomorrow in San Bernadino, CA.