Last week, Big Sean held a private listening session of Hall Of Fame to selected tastemakers and journalists. He played a good bulk of his sophomore effort, which is set to include a number of features such as Nas, Juicy J, Kid Cudi, Nicki Minaj and plenty more. After the session was over, Sean spoke with MTV News with one of the key highlights of the album, “M.I.L.F.”

“That song I feel means a lot in American society,” Sean says. “When I was a young kid—and I saw my mom’s boyfriends—I used to hate seeing her with her boyfriends. You don’t want nobody to be with your momma, stop looking at my momma!”

Sean furthered explained that getting older and dating girls with kids found he experienced the same passion and emotion. “I wanted to convey that message in the song,” he said. “That’s a moment in society. That’s something that really goes on. That’s what’s the song is about. It’s about a crazy ass mom going wild.”

Watch the video above, and pick up Hall Of Fame on August 27.