B.o.B, Fred The Godson And Los Respond To Kendrick Lamar


Kendrick Lamar has metaphorically played the perfect game of chess with his verse off “Control.” Just about every rapper has responded either through Twitter or in conversation. We give props to Joell Ortiz for being the first to lay down a freestyle, but now others have stepped up to challenge K.Dot’s claims.

Below, you can listen to B.o.B’s “How To Rap,” Fred The Godson’s “Say My Name” and Los’s version of “Control.” Who else do you think is dropping a verse? And do these hold up next to Kendrick’s? Let us know in the comments.

B.o.B “How To Rap”

Los “Control (Freestyle)”

Fred The Godson “Say My Name”

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  • Nick Norris

    Los “Freestyle”?! Bullshit.. Fred the Godson was aight, he had a couple good lines. B.o.B was decent.. I still know underground dudes that’ll stack these dudes up and crush em all at the same time.

    • Infamous

      like tech n9ne

  • Ryan

    No shit it wasn’t an off the top freestyle from Los, but his response was fuckin sick

    • OldHead

      Big Daddy Kane already clarified this:

      Freestyle: a pre-written verse that has more abstract, non-directional content (as compared to a concept verse written for a song)

      Going Off Top: spitting without anything pre-written/conceived.

  • Trigga

    my nigga B.o.B said call me when yall get done ridin each otha dick

    • yawningglory

      Your nigga BoB had some simp bars, realized he was rapping over the wrong song, and then panicked and started playing guitar. I hope that nigga gets hit by an airplane.

  • StreetNowledge

    All Trash!! Hip hop has gotten so bad that n!ggas don’t even realize who style they be using. Lol… 0 to No Originality….smh #fail

  • Grim Fury

    I don’t even know who Los is, but I think I might check some of his music out after this.

    • sinat

      Los is Diddy’s new artist on Bad Boy. He’s been doing his thing for a minute tho.

  • Sicko

    lets just say Joel Ortiz shit would be the only one worth responding to

    • DMONEY


  • Marvin Smith

    What about Joell Ortiz response? Shits bananas!!

    • lil morsus

      lupe basically went bananas! lol

      • yawningglory

        Fuck outta here with that, Lupe’s shit soundin like a nigga that should’ve just made LupEND and chucked a deuce, or not fired all his artists…oh nvm, it does sound like MR2 Lu.

  • Saddown

    He wasn’t even talking to any of them though.lol


    Why isn’t this article givin Joell his daps? He murdered Kendrick with some nasty ass bars and some deep metaphorical, personal shit. B.o.B. King Los and this other kid I aint ever heard of couldn’t hold a flame to Joell. Fuck this bias shit.

    • jermbeatz

      joel dissin for no reason though……he didnt have the ball bouncin on the words while the song played so he took it all outta proportion, dont be surprised if someone come clappin at him for gettin hype for no reason.

  • WhatMoreCanISay

    None of the rappers he named are trash, except for Meek. Just because they don’t rap like him doesn’t mean they aren’t great MCs. I get Kendrick personally, but a lot of people don’t. You can say they’re dumb or whatever, but he really limits his fan base in that aspect. J. Cole paints pictures lyrically, clearly, and concise, so that anyone can feel him. He’s a great story teller, and kills shhyt. IMO he’s better than Kendrick. So, in that aspect you can say Kendrick can stand to improve. The only thing he has over these other rappers is that he raps in a more abstract/poetic way. Does that mean he’s better, or just different? I feel like most of the rappers he named are dope and doing them, just like he’s doing him. Chill my niggah. I like Kendrick, but honestly he’ll never be one of my fav MCs. These bandwagon mfs tho…whoevers hot. Hip-hop fans are fickle as a mf though. One minute you’re hot…

  • VanDel RoyAle

    i thought to shut someone down was to come at them on the track that you got dissed on like joell did… los king sucked, b.o.b. was ok but it shouldve been a versace remix, and fred the god “no, just stop”

  • MistaMav

    To be real, I been a Kendrick fan since the EP dropped in like 06, but This King Los was the best verse I heard on this beat (and yes I heard Joel Ortiz). Don’t Even know who King Los is, but to me he had the best (And Most Appropriate) response. Joel Ortiz took it too personal and made basically a Diss track which means he clearly wasn’t listening. Kendrick did not diss any rappers, nor was he claiming to be the Actual King of New York. He states, I’m Machavellis Son (Tupac), I’m the King of New York (Biggie) Bassically stating that he is on the level of Big and Pac, not that he is the actual King of New York. People who know how to listen to real hip hop lyrics, should have understood this from the beginning.

    • mista

      I couldnt have said it better…

    • Vandellish

      I hear what you sayin but you being a little unrealistic I you think a non-New Yorker could say ‘King of New York’ in any context and not hear anything from the warrior bred MCs there.

      • MistaMav

        Oh, I’m sure the majority of them would respond in the same fashion because that is how they are. That doesn’t make it right. At the end of the day, they will still be looked at as the artist that took the lyrics out of context. But I do respect his will to defend the city.

        • Vandellish

          You can look at it as them taking it out of context or you can look at Lamar’s verse and say that he did some ultra-slick shyt (giving props to his peers while calling them out at the same time & saying ‘king of New York’ with a double meaning) and you’d be right on both.
          Whatever the case it’s all in the spirit of dope lyrics that won’t get physical…let’s hope.

    • real rap

      your wrong lol the Tupac’s son part is reference to how tupac was born on the east coast but took over cali the same way all you hear in NY is Kendrick tracks being played. Biggie doesn’t have anything to do with it sorry

  • JC

    Man i fuck with bob on some of his shit, but when i heard this shit it was like “come on man, you gone write a versace verse and then use it on this shit cause its hot right now?” i didn’t like that. I never jammed Los tho, but his shit tight. original lines are rare nowadays. I like this shit…lets keep it going

  • King Drac

    might have to listen to los after this


    bob did a good thing actually took the time to ha e beat and make a whole other song cool, yes joel was awesome but yeah he did made a DISS track, king los to me personally was better then average…fred the god beat was dope , lyrics ok

  • mrmekz

    los stole some bars from a battle rapper JC almost word for word he trash for that.

  • J

    King Los snapped! The name flips at the end are crazy!

  • Drtist

    Kendrick is a Lyrical Lion… whom will now need to show he can back up his “Pride”. As long as he is prepared to go against bigger Lions and Wolves. Then throw the beef in the middle of the ring and lets see what animal comes out with it!!!! #J. Ortiz showing vicious take!

  • trashcan

    all struggle rappers spitting struggle bars thirsty for attention.

  • shit’slight

    b.o.b is dirty wack and looks suspect as hell. foh.

  • 9 Milli

    fred godson sound like a woman. he gotta go harder than that. And lupes verse is corny as hell. BOB was better. Joell Ortiz ripped that. Stop playing. Even my girl who dont listen to rap was like dam he ripped kedrick into 50 pieces lmao
    #watchforme #hazardus9milli

  • Con

    somebody should use a sample of backseat freestyle in response beat goes hard and its kendricks own track lol id love to see jay z kanye or some other high profile artist weigh in maybe they could sho these other guys how a diss track is done lol