Joell Ortiz Responds To Kendrick Lamar’s Verse

With just a few hours to spare before the day ended, somebody from NY finally responded to Kendrick Lamar’s scathing verse on Big Sean’s “Control.” Joell Ortiz, who represents Brooklyn, fired off three minutes of straight bars over No I.D.’s production. “I ain’t even gotta give this too much thought/Joell Ortiz won every war that he ever fought/This ain’t no different, I’m listening, you the king of New York?/ Lil homie you ain’t the king of New York, you the next thing on my fork.”

There’s plenty more. With Ortiz being the first to respond, who do you think will be up next? Let us know in the comments.

[via Flex]

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  • Trell Savage

    Nas gonna be next

  • Miguel G

    Joell can spit for sure. slaughterhouse is an elite group. dont fuck wit em

  • Tim Johnson


  • Tim Johnson

    Ortiz got em


      I’d have to agree

    • JaffarR

      I wouldn’t say he got him, but he is the only one that has come close.

  • cooley

    this shit was lame and i can tell he didn’t listen to what ken had to say. Because if you know anything about rap he got the new king of new york from 2pac but a rapper from new york would take it to heart because his felling hurt nobody said his name.

    • My Effin’ Opinion

      Lame? you’re kidding right? … If you personally like Kendrick that’s fine, but you really think that verse is lame …. no forreal tho’, between me & you, you thought that rhyme was lame? *walks away*

  • 3xplicit

    he can have several seats tho who is he? exactly byeeeeee

  • NoSide

    sah’ight!..ive heard ortiz spit better than this.

    • Nivlac

      yeh obviously he has but u gotta give it to him… less than 24 hours! that’s impressive!

  • maia

    who still listen to slaughter house (besides joe budden ) didnt even know who this guy was and bars was weak

    • disqus_WYFklQLV2s

      if you aren’t familiar with Ortiz, that says more about your knowledge of hip hop, than the skills of slaughterhouse.

  • kenny

    this is shit anybody can spit its really not that hard its about what you say not just sayin shit that rhymes no comp. to Kendrick lamar

  • Tim Johnson

    Kendrick is sick but I gotta say Ortiz killed it on this one

  • Angel H.

    He went hard. Too many people are praising Kendrick, don’t get me wrong Kendrick did set the bar high for a lot of these rappers after that verse, but that’s going to make the hip hop game better. And that’s competition. Ortiz went hard, give credit when credit is due.

  • JJC

    butthurt Joell

  • Jay Star

    Kendrick need to slow down…Ortiz goes in…….All ya young dudes no nothing about rap…

  • Speech

    Ortiz bodied that boy. What’s more impressive is how fast he did it. Kendrick has to respond by tonight or early tomorrow or no matter what he says it’s not gonna measure up.

  • Cameron

    Big and Pac = Joell and Kendrick

    • Nivlac




  • My Effin’ Opinion

    All you ppl who tryna downplay the lyrics on this shit is straight ass! … don’t play yourselves … and if you don’t know who Ortiz is, just stfu and pretend you do.

    “iss aaite” GTFOH!!!! Are you kidding me?

  • doesit90s

    joe budden next . bet.

  • Nivlac

    imagine what would of happened if Kendrick didn’t mention Em on the list of greatest MC’s.. that would of been interesting lmao

  • Riddd

    Ortiz was dope for sure on this beat, but music can always change. I know Kendrick can do a cool rebuttal, but we may never know

    • Komodity305

      Joell Ortiz got K. Dot on dis one as much as I luv him too! No beef, just str8 rap! Dats wat its all about!

  • Jonny 5

    I love Kendrick and never really even listened to Ortiz, but this is doope a.f.
    Kendrick got the ball rolling, but Ortiz is now officially at the top of the mountain.

    I love this.


    Joelle went in

  • Xeroo

    I didn’t really feel much for this I’m sorry, He went hard and everything and his flow is wonderful but I didn’t feel much lyrically that would “kill” anyone honestly. But that jus me!

  • David

    Damn he killed this shit less than 24 hours later. Your move kendrick.

  • UK

    kendricks just showing how insecure most of the rappers out there are. Doesn’t matter who answers back, Kendrick already won this….created a worldwide rush to the lab, finally someones cookin up some dope shit

  • kasino31

    I always knew Ortiz was dope, but Damn!!!!!!!! I like this energy in hip hop of Competition right now within the last day

  • Just Another Dude

    I believe that’s the point of K.Dot’s verse though. If it lights a fire under all those bitch ass motherfuckers, then it’s better for hip-hop in general.

  • BIG “O”

    This is what the Game needed! Someone to stoke the FIRE! J.O. is still Gutter!

  • musicalywritten

    Just what Kendrick wanted to stir the pot for some competition

  • maximus

    first response grade: 80/100

  • Sean

    Joel Ortiz is corny tired of these rap too much nikkas nigga can’t make a good song. Lai-Bak hottest artist in New York str8…..Ortiz is boring…Kendrick is right

  • Ray

    He sounds like he mad tho….haven’t gotten any awards wasn’t mentioned in k dot song…..chill son it’s not all that. If u mad, that should inspire u to do better and make ur self known throughout the world cuz idk who this Joel Ortiz guy is until someone said he dissed k dot.

  • Eddie Broughton

    he go hard but it took Kendrick to get him to even another level… gotta still give it to Kendrick

    • Jay

      definitely didn’t take Kendrick to encourage Yaowa. Dude goes in no matter what track he’s on. Always raps hungry.

  • SC

    God Damn! Joell murdered this!

  • Lem-Woo

    It is safe to say that Kendrick Lamar may be responsible for the resurgence of REAL HIP-HOP!!! #hiphoptourguide

  • James Longs

    Kendrick has raised the bar, but this not the one.

  • Kris Carter

    I’m hopin for a Slaughterhouse/ Black Hippy beef. That would b great for music right now. All of ‘em can go hard.

  • disqus_WYFklQLV2s

    this is what i was waiting for. Slaughterhouse.

  • Alex Khang

    I always find it awkward when rappers who are closely intertwined (kendrick being supported by dre, slaughterhouse being supported by em) beef. Its like “aren’t we all on the same team?” lol

  • TaMonte Whitelow

    Ortiz did his mutha fuckin’ thing!!!

  • landon

    Kendrick has my respect but joell murdered this shit