8 More Reasons Why Rappers Should Boycott Florida

Lifeguards aren’t allowed to do their jobs there

On July 4, 2012, a lifeguard in Hallandale Beach, Florida ran to an “unprotected part of the beach” and tried to save a man’s life. However, the area where the man was drowning was out of the lifeguard’s zone, so he was promptly fired from his job. On the bright side, the drowning man survived.

[Via MSN]

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  • cain45

    florida is a great place love miami, tampa

    • ⚔Christophuh⚔

      Shhhhh….let them think it sucks….less traffic!

  • A.C.

    Why is anyone boycotting Florida for “Stand Your ground?” First, Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law played no part in the Zimmerman defense. It wasn’t used. Second. 1/3 of defendants that are using the law as a defense are black! 16.6% of Florida’s population is black, thus it is disproportionately used by black defendants to defend them. Sounds counterproductive doesn’t it?

    Lastly, why aren’t performers boycotting Chicago, Oakland, and Washington DC? These places all have high murder rates and black on black crime that are so bad it is ridiculous. In fact, since 1976 93% of murdered black Americans were murdered by other black citizens making the Zimmerman/Martin tragedy seem like a tiny anomaly. A black teenager in America has 93% more to fear from his own black citizens than he does white America. Boycotting that seems much more logical.

    If you want to talk about race in the Martin case, the only issue that may need talking about is why Zimmerman was not arrested in the first place. If Zimmerman were black he probably would have been. That is a legitimate argument. The facts that came out in the trial pointed to a tragic accident, but a self defense one. The only racial comments in the case, in fact, did not come from Zimmerman or the Defense.

    Instead we have people boycotting something they don’t understand in even the slightest. It is a boycott engineered by MSNBC and Al Sharpton designed to divide people instead of dealing with actual problems.

  • WhatTheF4ck

    Possibly the dumbest article I have ever seen ._. Faith In Humanity = 0

  • VT

    This is fucking dumb. This is further proof, the logic to boycott Florida over an individual’s actions is beyond faulty. + Florida will emerge as the Hip Hop Mecca soon enough.

  • Cadi ‘Lac

    I really hope this is a joke. And for everyone making judgements about Florida, because of one incident that was made about race, who do not live in Florida and have never been are so high on their horse that I hope they never fall off because the world down here is a “terrible” place. I’m born and raised and still reside 15 minutes from Sanford, Fl (where this all took place for those of you making assumptions/judgements/assertions without knowing the facts) and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. To all those that wish to stay away from Florida, feel free to visit my imaginary property in Montana where you can go kick rocks. O yea, I’m a white rapper from the country, feel free to try and call me a racist for this comment.

    Cadi ‘Lac

  • Paul Bearer

    The one reason they should NOT boycott it is because a man was found innocent after shooting a kid that beat him up while on his way home from getting 2/3 of the ingredients to make sizzurp. Facts.

    • James Harden

      never heard of making sizzurp with Arizona tea and skittles lol.

  • Cocaine Howie

    Trayvon gets killed. Zimmerman gets free. Abused wife shoots gun in the air to scare husband off…gets 20 yrs. Yeah fuck Florida.