20 Suspect Photos Of Famous Rappers

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  • HavocTwitter
    Last week, Havoc of Mobb Deep reportedly had his Twitter hacked, resulting in suspect photos of his upper body and… lower half… leaking to the Internet. While the incident wasn't the first for Havoc, the trend of suspect photos leaking to the 'net from famous rappers definitely is nothing new. Here we've compiled a gallery of suspect rapper photos, from Khia's nude photoshoot surrounded by a bunch of guitars to Chris Brown's Halloween selfie to Wyclef's infamous motorcyle-in-the-rain shot. Some of these aren't exactly SFW, so we did you the favor of blocking some things out.
  • Trina
  • SouljaBoyBow
    <h2>Bow Wow and Soulja Boy throw a pants party</h2>
  • SouljaBoy
    <h2>Soulja Boy reflects</h2>
  • Ne-Yo
    <h2>Ne-Yo in a warm embrace</h2>
  • MethodMan
    <h2>(Reportedly) Method Man</h2>
  • MisterCee
    <h2>Jim Jones and Mister Cee in a warm embrace</h2>
  • ChrisBrownHalloween
    <h2>Chris Brown's Halloween seflie</h2>
  • HavocTwitter
    <h2>Havoc, up close and personal</h2>
  • 50CentCurtis
    <h2>50 Cent in Ciara's arms</h2>
  • DiddyNelly
    <h2>Diddy and Nelly</h2>
  • 50CentFloyd
    50 Cent
  • AmberRose
    <h2>Amber Rose</h2>
  • KanyeWest
    <h2>Kanye West's swaggy selfie</h2>
  • Kelis
  • Budden
    <h2>Joe Budden</h2>
  • Cassie
  • Khia
  • MeekBow
    <h2>Meek Mill and Bow Wow ride together</h2>
  • Chief Keef
    <h2>Chief Keef gets tip</h2>
  • Wyclef
    <h2>And of course, Wyclef Jean</h2>

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