Late last night, the unlikely news broke that the recently-troubled actor/singer Amanda Bynes was at work with hip-hop icon Wyclef Jean on an upcoming as-yet-untitled musical endeavor. According to Chinga Chang Records CEO Dan Herman, who apparently had a hand in making the collaboration happen, "Linking the two of them will be something major." Something major, indeed. After mentioning that Wyclef would be open to the idea, Herman continued, "This album is going to shock the world." Dude is spot-on, so far.

To celebrate the guaranteed mess of whatever music these two end up making together, the generous XXL staff was so excited about Amanda and Clef's collab that we threw together an original album cover for the pair, which you can check out above. And in the off chance that they didn't like the name we came up with—The Psycho Carnival, get it?—we were also kind enough think of a list of other potential titles for their forthcoming LP. Here we go…

Drake Murdered My Vagina But Not My Dreams
Magna Carty Holy Shit I'm A Crazy Person
Clef Notes For Crazy Folk
100 Pillz And Runnin'
Ride Together, Lose Our Minds Together
Two Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
The Score…Of Insanity
Baby Oil Bangers
The Miseducation of Amanda Bynes
Blunted On Insanity
From The Hut, To The Projects, To The Asylum
Wyclef Jean Is Desperate
The Ecleftic 2: 2 Sides II A Nut Job
The Preacher's Crazy Motherfucking Daughter
Welcome To Amanda Bynes: Former Home Of Kid Cudi
Full Metal Straightjacket
If I Were Amanda Bynes: My Really Thirsty Experience
Get Rich Or Lose Your Shit
Speakingboxxx/The Love Below Amanda Bynes' Wig
Bring In The Dancing Lobsters
Wiggin' Out
Take Care, Of Amanda Bynes' Vagina
Bongs Over Manhattan
Tax Write-Off
Haitian Hot Mess
Watch The Bong
Psychoanalysis: They Need It
Watching Movies With Your Brain Off
Gone Till November (When I'm Scheduled For Psychiatric Evaluation)
I Peaked In 1999
The Black(-Out And Yell At Cops) Album
Batshit Don't Lie
Straight Outta Pillz
The Refugee Crazy House