Rumors were swirling that Amanda Bynes was offered a record deal by a small East Coast hip-hop label called Chinga Chang Records. Now, it appears she has signed on the dotted line and looking for album collaborators.

Last night, E! News confirmed Bynes held a meeting with Wyclef Jean to discuss the possibly of creating an album together. Chinga Chang Records CEO Dan Herman says, "I think it would be perfect. Linking the two of them will be something major."

It would definitely be major all right. Herman added that Wyclef has been open to the idea. According to the article, they brainstormed some ideas. Herman says he's confident they would be “great.”

"This album is going to shock the world," he said. "She has such a great voice. Singers wish they could hit the notes that Amanda does."

Bynes may have the talent, but she’s going to have to work on her people skills. Recently, she has targeted superstars Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Drake on Twitter. Only time will tell if she can regain respect in the music industry again.