It looks like Chicago police aren't the only task force who have been keeping a close tab on Chief Keef as of late.

According to WGNtv, a warrant Chief Keef's arrest has been issued in Miami following an incident in 2012. The 17-year-old rapper was pulled over and caught with two bags of marijuana on his person.

The officer who originally arrested Keef said that the Chicago rapper immediately admitted his possession of the drugs, and was ultimately charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Following the charge, a Miami judge ordered that Keef return to Florida for a hearing on January 23, 2013—the same time he was serving a two month sentence in a juvenile detention center in Illinois. As a result of the missed court date, a warrant for Keef's arrest has been issued if he were to be stopped by police a second time in the Miami area.

This marks the latest issue in the GBE impresario's on-going legal saga. Earlier this week, he was arrested for a third time this year for trespassing on the same day that he was served with a second paternity lawsuit.

[via WGNtv]