Chief Keef Reportedly Arrested Today Following Court Appearance

Photograph Courtesy Of Ysa Pérez

Sources indicate that Chief Keef was reportedly arrested today for a third time this year.

According to FakeShoreDrive, Keef was reportedly arrested by Chicago police earlier today on unknown charges. The Glory Boyz impresario was in court this morning pleading guilty to his speeding charges from last month, when police detained in the south-side of Chicago.

For his speeding ticket, the Chicago rapper received a fine of $531, 18 months of probation and 60 hours of community service. XXL will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

[via FakeShoreDrive]

UPDATE: The Chicago Sun-Times indicates that Keef was arrested for misdemeanor trespassing charges. His attorney Leah Starkman did not divulge any details surrounding the incident other than the actual charge.

“I got a frantic phone call and followed them down here,” Starkman said. “It certainly looks like he is on [the Chicago police's] radar.”

[via Chicago Sun-Times]

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  • BrianRaider

    Damn Young Bro Can’t Catch A Break! This Is Unfortunate But Not Major. Keef Hold Ya Head My Dude! The Streetz & Police Is Watchin. Be Careful Out Dere!

  • MangoSorbetto

    Clearly, dude is a savage. It’s very unfortunate. If he keeps going down this path he won’t make it to his 21st birthday. Chicago is in shambles right now. It’s a shame the youth out there are so caught up in “that life” and swear by their guns. Remember Biggie and 2Pac? Kevin Cozart (how thuggin’ can you be with a name like that anyway) could stand to learn a lesson- put him in JAIL so he can COOL THE F**K out. And why the hell did Kanye put this hooligan on? Now he’s a goon with money to stunt with. Extremely irresponsible on ‘Ye. Smh.

    • Dead wrong

      Keith Cozart, btw. “MangoSorbetto” IS a thugged out username name though. Big ups to you.

      • MangoSorbetto

        Yeah thanks Nomenclature Police. I noticed that when after I posted, thank you very much. Still a soft name for someone who’s supposedly a hardcore lol. And yes I’ll take the Big ups. Look at how I write! I am DEFINITELY not on some gun-slinger shit! I’m a 24 year old woman who just graduated from CUNY! I’m about that “Educate these youth and encourage them to do better” Life. Get on it!

        • Dead wrong

          Congratulations to you Ms. Sorbetto. I love a smart woman. I’d like to taste your flavors … if you catch my drift.

          In other words, I’d love to visit New York’s ice creams shops for a nice sorbetto some time.

          • k only

            Get a life move and stop puting anger on other people or you will get KARMA it’s PAINFUL and MISERABLE ok so stop the DISRESPECT this is the truth I am telling you not a COME BACK to make YOU MAD so STOP and THINK**** ps:i am a girl

  • A-Dogg

    Time to take out my “Free Sosa” shirt…again

  • LuiKang

    Sosa stay going down the wrong path brah…

  • M.McD2012

    Chief Keef got arrested again…WELL STOP THE FREAKING PRESSES!!!