Casey Veggies: “It’s Not About Your Hype, It’s About What You Stand For”


On his progression between Sleeping in Class and Life Changes:

“I dropped Sleeping in Class in 2011; I dropped Life Changes in 2013, so that’s two years in between and I did a lot of thinking and a lot of growing. I did a lot of listening, I was listening to my stuff and I was hearing things in my music that didn’t sound grown-up enough. I knew I had people feeling it, but I knew that as an artist and a person, I wanted the older people to be able relate, too. I wanted other people just to be able to connect to the sound, not just the lyrics, just the sound in general. I feel like my sound has become full. The growth is there, the sound is there, the flows, the vibe. That’s what I wanted to give off and show people what I did, what I naturally did without even really trying too hard, the natural stuff that comes out of me. Looking ahead, I think my album will be me more like, stepping out of my box and taking the music somewhere and taking myself somewhere.”

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  • Jay Breez

    I don’t even know why he bothers talking with XXL when they don’t put him on the freshman list. He’s been doing his thing for a while now and he has set an example for a lot of youngins out there, to put the work in, go out there and get it. At the same damn time he has managed to graduate from highschool. XXL should have promote that!

    • mhanscom

      I was so mad that he wasnt on the list. Same with rocky fresh. Both have such a unique style you have to respect that

    • Hannya

      Co-sign. Its a travesty that Casey was not named as a Freshman. I don’t get the logic in that at all.