Method Man has some issues with Macklemore—and they apparently stem from his crowd surfing tactics.

In one of the more bizarre instances of beef, Method Man implored fans to literally drop the Seattle rapper if he tries to "crowd walk" like he did at the recent MTV Movie Awards. Although the Wu-Tang alum did say that he thinks that Macklemore can rhyme, he feels it's disrespectful to steal his on-stage antic.

“I was watching MTV not too long ago and there was a rapper on stage," he said during a recent live performance. "This motherfucker had a lot of energy and was really, really enjoying his performance. I think his name is Macklemore. Don’t get me wrong, that mothafucker can rhyme, but as I’m watching his performance, I think this motherfucker do something that just pissed me off. He actually tried to walk onto the crowd's hands. I started that shit! That’s my shit! Don’t get me wrong—when Macklemore come to y’all city, y’all show him all the love that y’all show Red and Meth, but if that mothafucker tries to do my walk on the crowd thing, I want Denver, Colorado, to drop his ass like a bad habit."

Although Mef takes credit for creating the crowd walk, it actually dates as far back as 1970 when punk legend Iggy Pop walked on his fans' hands at a performance in Cincinnati.

The full video can be seen above.

[via HipHopDX]