Thrift Shoppin’: Macklemore’s Raddest Outfits

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Macklemore is pretty rad but, his outfits are the raddest. Sure the Seattle native is a music success, thanks to his atypical DIY journey to the top of the Billboard charts, but he’s also a fly dude with a rather unique sense of style. This past weekend at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, California, the “Thrift Shop” rapper hit the red carpet in what looked like a Captain Crunch get-up which turned many heads—including ours. But, as wild as the outfit was, this wasn’t the first time he’s taken this sort of left-field approach to dressing. In fact, he’s been doing it for so long that now, it actually looks cool (just don’t try it yourself). So before you get to poppin’ tags at that thrift shop down the road, we give you a look at some of Macklemore’s Raddest Outfits from these past few months.

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  • wolcotte

    I love Macklemore. His music is amazing and he seems like a good, down to earth guy, but oh MAN do I hate how much fur he wears. Even if it is vintage, those animals died in horrible ways, and he’s influential enough to make a generation forget how inhumane fur is.

    • dude

      it’s probably fake fur

      • wolcotte

        Have you looked at the photos above, or seen his videos? That’s not fake fur at all. Seriously, you can tell by looking. Synthetic fiber doesn’t move like that.

        • Fur

          as if you would realy care. blabber

          • wolcotte

            as if you would “realy” know what I care about, drunk kid.

        • Eric

          Most animals die is horrific ways, including the ones that end up in PETA shelters. Hes not out buying new furs, hes recycling old furs.

          • wolcotte

            Seriously, how many times and ways can I say “even if it is vintage”? He’s influential, and the kids who see his style and want to copy it may not make that distinction.

            Fur shouldn’t be displayed as “cool”. Vintage furs can be made into comforting mother surrogates for abandoned baby animals, not glamorized as clothing. They can have meaning beyond “look at that dope outfit!” They can actually do good.

          • David

            i totally agree

      • AKS

        He mentions in a video that the fur is FAKE!

    • GoogIe User

      he buys all of his clothes at thrift shops around the world…….. PETA members should be proud that he saves these furs from entering garbage landfills and proudly preserves the beauty and greatness of the animal that the fur came from by putting them on a display for all to take note of

      • wolcotte

        Did you see the part where I wrote “Even if it is vintage, those animals died in horrible ways, and he’s influential enough to make a generation forget how inhumane fur is.” What that means is, even if HE is buying old fur, his fans will think fur is cool and wear it, perpetuating the cycle.

        There are other uses for vintage furs than just throwing them away. For instance, abandoned baby animals in captivity get comfort from pelts covering hot water bottles, helping them grow and thrive. No PETA member is going to be proud of someone wearing fur ever, not unless wearing that fur comes with a full PSA about NOT buying new fur for any reason.

        • Fur

          Are you even f*cking listening to what you say?!

        • Jaykobus

          People aren’t going to go out and drop hundreds of dollars on new fur shit just because Macklemore is wearing thrift shop fur. Hell, his whole message is “don’t buy expensive new stuff when there’s perfectly good old stuff”

      • Chaoleo

        I’m no fan of PETA but I do believe they completely reject any use of real furs. One of the things I actually agree with them on.

    • Chaoleo

      I do agree about the fur. Not personally really into wearing dead animals.

  • GoogIe User

    macklemore is a pretty damn likable artist….. when i first heard/seen him (and ray dalton) perform on the david letterman show i instantly knew he would be a success….. I immediately downloaded all of his albums and listened to them all and as a person with a great ear for catchy music I can tell you all that this guy is the real deal and its now his time to shine and be famous…..

  • Truth

    Who gives a shit, we are on top of the food chain we can do what we want with the other animals.

    • wolcotte

      There’s only a food chain if it involves multiple links, and diversity essential in making up any ecosystem. Also, you sound incredibly selfish and immature when you say shit like that. Seriously. That’s a crappy attitude, and I feel bad for you that you think that way.

      • Fur

        Survival of the fittest. That’s what makes an ecosystem and fauna basically invented it.
        And I feel bad for people who have to produce theirself on the internet by pretending to care about a non-existing and made up problem by, let’s call them “environmental activists”, That is selfish and immature. What are you trying to proove? Shouldn’t you do something against that alleged problem? I think posting useless comments on the internet isn’t a solution.

        I bet I’m not gonna visit that site anymore. I’m totally drunk and got here over BroBible by coincidence but please dude, stop acting,

        • wolcotte

          Oh sweetie. You’ve admitted you’re drunk so that explains a lot. Just to address the first few points: Flora invented survival of the fittest, not fauna. Have you ever heard of kudzu, for instance? Invasive plant species? Algae? Also, how is the fur industry killing millions of animals a “made up problem”? I’m pretty sure it’s a real problem.

          Also, you don’t know me or what I care about deeply, or how I spend my time. I like Macklemore a ton, but his wearing of fur bothers me because he’s influential and kids might start buying new fur not vintage. Period. No made up internet personae attached.

          • John

            Holy shit you all are retarded. First off, survival of the fittest wasn’t invented. I guess I can give you a bit of leeway and assume that by invented you just mean passively began, but even then. Flora started it? Do you really thing plants were the first thing to have to survive and compete? If you’re going to be a smart ass by saying it wasn’t animals, at least go a bit further back than plants.

          • wolcotte

            Ha! No, it’s true, when I got to algae as an example I was like “damn, one-celled organisms” but honestly didn’t feel like spending the time it would take to go back and edit just to prove the point that the idea “fauna invented survival of the fittest” was a stupid one.

          • kain

            how do you know the animal died a horribal death. what if they died of naturaly. im just asking?

    • Freek van Workum

      Dumbest shit i heard in a while

    • Chaoleo

      I disagree. I personally feel compassion for animals. It is scientifically established that most of them feel pain to at least some degree just as we do. They may not understand it the way we do but they feel it none the less. Due to that association, it is difficult for many people including myself to witness other living things suffering in pain.

  • macklemorefan

    this isnt months this is years . and we danced came out in 2011

  • Chaoleo

    Don’t try it myself? F that. I do what I want!

  • Jem

    Well, ITS NOT RIGHT TO WEAR A DEAD ANIMAL OR HUMAN OR ANY SENTIENT BEING. LET IT BE OLD,NEW,RECYCLED,REUSED,DUMPED,ETC. Why? BECAUSE IT INFLUENCES THESE BLOND DUMB KIDS. ” Oh I wanna be as ‘swaggy’ as macklemore! lets buy a fur and leather coat!” Yeah, support the cruelty and enjoy the skinned animals. Just.No.

  • Bhavika Sicka

    How is wearing dead animals cool?
    I think it’s absolutely disgusting and obnoxious.
    This is not the message celebrities should be giving to young kids; how unethical!
    I enjoy his music, but absolutely detest the way he carries himself.

  • K Fosse

    Was a fan. No longer. I’d have thought that Macklemore, being from our Eco friends, progressive and intelligently populated Seattle, he would know better than to wear fur. Animals die horrible deaths for coats and accessories, so that some ignorant heartless human can be “fashionable”. I’m not a PETA supporter but do Google their undercover footage of fur farms. You’ll never wear fur again, unless you’re a sadistic nut bag, after seeing the horrors. Shame on you Macklemore. One less fan in Seattle, pal.