After the wild global tumult of last week, the world has restored itself to order, even while Justin Bieber continues to lose his mind in Europe. At XXL, we've taken some time out this week to celebrate ourselves - something we truly don't do enough - and our longevity in this "dying" industry. When news broke that fellow music/entertainment publication Vibe would discontinue publishing in print before the end of the year, we were reminded of all of our die-hard fans and readers (you!) who have kept us relevant for this many years. Looking ahead to later this year, we'll be celebrating our 16th anniversary in the Fall, and that's pretty awesome.

Anyway, in music news - released his new solo project, a disco/pop/rave LP, which we celebrated with a look back at his best hip-hop beats. We also took some time to sift through the amazing amount of talent coming from Atlanta and released a new New New, featuring rappers from the A that you need to know. Also, Mac Miller returned to the spotlight with a trippy new single and music video, West Coast producer Grip Grand put out a stellar MF Doom remix EP, and Snoop Dogg Lion released his Reincarnated reggae album.

In our weekly column called In the Cut, the diversely-opinionated XXL staff celebrates another lively week in hip-hop and picks some of their favorite releases from the past week. Some are songs, some are videos, all are incredible in their own way. Until next week – stay classy, rap world.