2013 XXL Freshmen Roundtable

You’ve seen the Freshmen cyphers and freestyles and now it’s time to get to know the Freshmen a little better with the XXL Freshmen Roundtable. XXL Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Satten asks the Freshmen questions about influences, fans, making the cover and where they see themselves in the game. Watch to learn such things as which Freshman says they like Eminem and Kanye because they’re assholes, which Freshman talks about family responsibilities which includes bringing home the meat and which fans ScHoolboy Q favors the most.

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  • Kristijonas

    Logic needs to shave that nasty peach-fuzz off his damn face. When you’re bringing it down with a Viking beard like Bronson, then you’ve got cred. Young Sinatra? Pfft. Guarantee Frank wasn’t scared to put a straight-razor to the neck-line once in a while.

    • Concept

      Go to a fashion magazine douchebag. This is Hip-Hop.

      • Kristijonas


  • The king

    That was pretty dope.. but Kirko Bangz is fucking lame… He’s just sitting there to try and look “Cool” without saying shit… smh..

  • wow

    That was dope, Kirko said nothing, and, I’m suprised Dizzy said so little, he should’ve spoke some of that real shit and fuck everyone up. But ScHoolboy Q’s response was funny as hell

  • djsteez

    Q a real one for what he said

  • Flocka

    Trinidad James is wack af…. just look at him. LOL

  • realtalk

    Yall shouldve grabbed Hound. DUDE IS WAY TOO RAW

    • VICE REP

      That remix to Dysfunctional was dope


      nah he spit that realist shit to Stay Schemin

  • http://twitter.com/RapIsTherapy500 Terrence Harris

    Big Sean was on this in 2010. Danny Brown was on this last year. Angel Haze is on this, this year & I Therapist will be on this next year. God’s willing, Detroit stand up on ur feet!! Glove Gang/ Cold Stunnas!!

  • don draper

    Can y’all stop playing that video every time i log onto the site? like god damn if i want to watch it i will but now every time i hear it i just want to turn it off immediately

  • Levvi

    “I just wanna be in reference with the greats. Whoever you might think is great.” Soulo

  • lankybastard

    The ones who have more to say in this video are the ones who say more with their music. So in that way, it’s pretty accurate. (With the exception of Q, who belies his depth with his quip about pussy.)

  • JeromeFromTheTime

    “At the end of the day its a job.” -Bronson Thats fucking truth. Provide for your fam. Nothing else should take priority.

    Trinidad Tobago seems to be such an ignorant fuck. Not hating, but this dude’s perception is just ass cheeks to me. Straight fuckery, pause.

  • rlw3333

    fuck all these guys except dizzy wright schoolboy q and ab soul. that dumbass with the fucked up teeth and a fro… how can anyone take him seriously when he looks like that he says he only like real shit what about his damn teeth you know those arent real he shouldnt be on this rittz should be in his place idk how xxl didnt put rittz on…hes gotta be on next year for sure then…and jarren benton too

  • http://twitter.com/DAAARKNESSS93 MarkieBoi┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐

    trinidad james and kirko shouldn’t be on here

  • rogerdizZz

    when i see Dizzy Wright i’m going to tell him he makes me happy. haha

  • JoeB94

    Travis Scott wanna be a super hero so bad.. lol hes ight though

  • crescendo

    Overall Class Rank

    1. Logic
    2. Joey Bada$$
    3. ScHoolBoy Q
    4. Action Bronson
    5. Ab-Soul
    6. Travi$ Scott
    7. Drizzy Wright
    8. Trinidad James
    9. Angel Haze
    10. Kirko Bangz

    • Josh Mitchell

      Logic #1?….gtf outta here.

      • FursplodingGal

        Did you LISTEN to the cyphers? HIS freestyle? if Logic isnt number one he is top 3 at least. you gtf outta here & clean your ears while you’re at it.

    • Mikko

      I’d just choose Joey B 1st, Logic 2nd, Dizzy 3rd that’s it for me

  • New Zealand fella


  • gucci

    action bronson says some gay ass shit

  • Alex

    Yea New Zealand!