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Lil Durk

TRUTH: On Being A 2014 XXL Freshman: “It feels good ’cause this is the generation that’s popping right now with the music, ...

Jarren Benton

TRUTH: On Being A 2014 XXL Freshman: “I’m feelin’ fuckin’ great right now. This is fuckin’ awesome. It’s a blessing, man. It’s ...

Jon Connor

TRUTH: On Being A 2014 XXL Freshman: “I’ve been working a long time. For a lot of people, this may have come ...

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Freshmen Debate

AD 160 @ ROS

  • wat

    When will the interviews/roundtables be up?

  • marvin

    none of the vids will play!!!

  • Flex

    How long we got to wait for the cyphers?

  • chico

    where chief keef on the class line up!

    • jwads22


  • Junniie

    Where can I watch LOGIC’s Freestyle video?????

  • Barack Obama

    why keef though? why not chance the rapper or somebody who can at least read and write. chief queef is illiterate and a criminal. dude sucks for sure. waste of a human. waste of space. waste of everything.. tried listening to one of his tracks yesterday… felt like i would have rather shot myself in the foot than try to understand his voice that sounds like he chews cigarettes. dude sucks. im sorry he exists. two thumbs down.

    • DeVante Brooks

      stop hating on a young nigga getting money somebody has got to like his music because he’s got a recorded deal worth more than you will ever see in you life time

      • http://twitter.com/lsdarko samuel guilmore

        its obvious when a rapper has no talent when the argument is about how much money he has.

      • http://twitter.com/chaosdaking Chaos

        He’s not even rich. He has a starting salary for a signed musician with a radio “hit”. Plus he’s stupid with his money, and stupid with the people he has around him. He’s an idiot plain and simp.

        • http://www.facebook.com/blas.soto.1 Blas Soto

          talk about haters

          • http://twitter.com/chaosdaking Chaos

            How stupid of you to think i’m hating on this clown. Let me guess. “He’s getting that money, it doesn’t matter what you think”. Typical dumbass

          • Freecitimedia B-Ham

            People that call him names and judge his talent and he has talent just none that are of value to you are usually called hatas. Thought maybe you wasn’t aware of this..smh

    • Randy Savage

      Keef had one of biggest tracks and followings of the year, you can’t deny that.

    • Macko

      He isnt supposed to be good at all, everyone sees that, even the people that signed him. The young nigga is just a gimmick, just something that the record labels can sell.Thats what rap has been reduced to nowadays, the real rappers dont have a chance to go big because the are boring, why? Because they spit real shit. Take my nigga Action Bronson for example hes still independent and he doesnt have a deal yet because hes not a gimmick the labels can sell like Lil B and his BasedGod nonsense or Chief Keef and his turn up style music. The point is Chief Keef is a gimmick just like most rappers nowadays its just something that us the listeners have to deal with.

      • TacoFresh

        lil b doesnt have a deal and lil b is probably the most hated on figure in music. Chief keef is a hype artist, his music is made to be listened to. His shit goes thats all he is intending for, give Keef some time. He’s only 17 and his rap career is just beginning for him. Give him time, his lyrical ability and quality wille expand, remember hes just a fuckin kid for fucks sake

        • http://twitter.com/chaosdaking Chaos

          No lil b isn’t signed by choice. He’s a marketing guru, plus he does alot of “controversial” stuff that would make him hard to market

        • George

          Joey’s around the same age, but you never see people having to make excuses for him lol

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Lawrence-Murphy-II/1617639498 James Lawrence Murphy II

            Earl Sweatshirt was better than that nigga at 16, and still is. Why wouldn’t Earl be on this shit? Or at least Chance the Rapper.

        • skoop

          Man his lyrical ability ain’t gonna expand…17 he is damn near grown especially as far as his vocabulary and lyrical ability, look at Nas, or even Diggy for that matter at around that age, only thing that one would expect to drastically change with age is the subject matter that he raps about….. but you either have the talent or you don’t, he may be talented in some ways but it’s clear that lyricism is not one of them

          • Freecitimedia B-Ham

            Hip hop is not all about lyrics is about raw emotion that which you get from music as a whole. Keep in mind labels are in the business of making money not music.

        • Levvi

          Some people are born with talent, while others work hard to get talent like qualities. Keef doesn’t have talent.

          • Freecitimedia B-Ham

            Who gave you the judge stick it doesn’t matter what you think only his fans.

      • Levvi

        SO TRUE! The label is getting more money than he’s bringing in, or showing in his Instagram pictures.

      • Freecitimedia B-Ham

        U sound really young or lost because it is us the listeners the labels are selling too. Also why else would a label want to sign you if not for money. If your style or image don’t make dollars then it don’t make sense for labels to sign you

    • Oren Gondal

      true and i laughed so hard reading your comment

  • 2 rollies

    $cotty the pope! G.O.O.D

  • Yay Area

    Logic is the best on the list, followed by Soul, Q, Dizzy, and Joey

    • http://www.facebook.com/blas.soto.1 Blas Soto

      angel haze dope tho aint gonna lye

      • http://www.facebook.com/blas.soto.1 Blas Soto

        i dont think joey is rank in the top 5

  • Tre

    Los should have been on

  • http://www.facebook.com/FoxonRocks Christian Fox


    • http://twitter.com/Original_Dapper Professional Misfit

      I understand Ferg, but why the fuck would Rocky be on this list?

  • http://www.facebook.com/tommybigcheektomlin Tommy BigCheek Tomlin

    Im glad to see Action Bronson in this mf along with Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, and Joey Bada$$. I’ve been listening to their music for a minute. I knew they would eventually be on the XXL Freshmen cover.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cristian-Reyes/100000173833801 Cristian Reyes

    logic killed it!!!! #rattpack

  • Jon

    LOGIC! deserves everything he got! hardest worker out there

    • http://facebook.com/tripp2010 Tripp Trippy

      Him & Dizzy I Been Bumping Dizzy Music Since 2008

  • http://twitter.com/FingersDevious Tyler Jenness

    why is chris webby not on here? more than half of the ppl on this list are a joke

  • Reggie Noble

    R.I.P. Cap Steez

  • FlashieeBoi

    los definitely should of been on the list

  • http://www.facebook.com/prince.allen1 Prince Allen

    aint nuttin wrong wit the list i feel that some more artist should have gotten the cut

  • ex

    Ma nigga keef should of had a freestyle bullshit..
    But travis scott murdered that bitch out of everyone.

  • http://facebook.com/tripp2010 Tripp Trippy

    Dizzy Wright Is The Truth…. Hands Down This IS The Best Class Minus CHEAP KEEP

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.singer.39501 Ryan Singer

    Chief Keef sucks dick he should not have been picked


    XV better than everyone on this cover

    • http://www.facebook.com/blas.soto.1 Blas Soto

      whos xv

  • nigga u gay

    why u guys put Trinidad and keef in freshman doe? r u guys fucking retarded?

    • http://www.facebook.com/blas.soto.1 Blas Soto

      trinidad didnt do that bad bro i aint on his dick but he aint sucking peoples dicks to make it in the game he said it him self at the end of the day you gonna like it or hate it dont matter to him


    i wish capital steez was still alive ,he would be up here ….RIP CAPITAL STEEZ

  • Matt

    Rappers who earned this spot: Dizzy, Logic, Q, Action Bronson, Angel Haze, Ab
    Rappers who didn’t earn their spot: Trinidad, Keef, Kirko Bangz

    • wat

      You only think that because you don’t like them but Trinidad and Keef definitely earned it while Angel Haze did not. Stop being a biased asshole.

      • fo real doe

        how exactly did they earn it more than Angel Haze. never heard of her until now but damn her flow and lyrics were raw af. neither trinidad nor keef has a good flow or lyrics…especially lyrics

        • Freecitimedia B-Ham

          Again this business is not about lyrics but it is about fans and supporters which translate to money. The art of it is about lyrics but that is very reason u have so many starving artist.

    • http://www.facebook.com/blas.soto.1 Blas Soto

      you know wats up kirko made okai hit hes still going up in the world tho

      • theTROOF

        It seems like you don’t know the basics of xxl and what this list really means. this is not a hit list; it is supposed to comprise the artists that consistently have shit to say that appeals to the masses- Dizzy, Logic, Action, Q, Ab Soul, and yes even XV (who you somehow haven’t heard of), Earl, Chance, theophilus london. kirko is arguably not even a rapper, trinidad is ok at times, chief keef might be the the least talented of all artists even considered.

  • Macko

    Dizzy Wright is the best on this cover

  • XXL

    For anyone wondering Joey Bada$$’s freestyle was later released as the song Hotbox feat NYCk Caution.

  • George

    I feel like Joey never goes in on these cyphers

  • http://twitter.com/zarkhi Zarkhi The Vision


  • http://twitter.com/zarkhi Zarkhi The Vision

    Trinidad James had 1 FUCKING SINGLE…WHY IS HE ON THIS LIST ? His freestyle lyrics were HALF of his fucking single

  • http://twitter.com/zarkhi Zarkhi The Vision


  • http://twitter.com/macchu69 ISHABOI MATTY P

    logic the best in this class. fo rilla.

  • fmt136

    Where is Rockie Fresh tho?

  • http://www.facebook.com/blas.soto.1 Blas Soto

    2)angel haze
    3)dizzy wight
    4)joey bada$$
    5)travi$ scott
    6)school boy Q
    8)action bronson
    9)trinidad jame$
    10)kirko bangz

    • sergio.ferrel111

      kirko bangz is a beast if u actually hear his non-mainstream shit

  • RYAN


  • beatslayer

    yo logic gonna b more succesfful than everybody

  • http://twitter.com/xXMACLINXx carlen

    instead of jame$ put A$AP ROCKY

  • Levvi

    Females have a long time coming if they want to stay relevant in a industry dominated by men. Even if the dude is Trinidad James, he’ll get more play than Angel Haze.

  • Ayaan

    Wheres problem at?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevinconnelly425 Kevin Connelly

    when do we vote

  • http://twitter.com/JBlaq40 J Blaq

    no A$ap?.. I guess.. we’ll see next year when we wont remember any of these people

  • LeoM

    angel and logic’s freestyles destoryed the others

  • robdilla84

    Not knocking anybody on the list but damn…. Rockie Fresh is certified for this list.

  • Junior

    where is Earl????

  • khattak

    hyy hjhs hyaaklyay ayaa hayax uwa8w wha osm juns kjaui kjs sor six koasua joas;???/

  • Lee

    instagram: @leoneeve . bessssst show ever deff going again next year

  • slumerican_homie

    how the hell did the people come up with this class of 13 and not consider rittz over any one of these F”N lames you got gracing the cover. you flunked out this year xxl. slumerican and strange is taking over….

  • Kyle Wrenn

    Where’s Earl? Where’s Domo? Where’s Chance? This just makes me drop my head to the rap game. Half of this years freshmen doesn’t belong. I’ve followed this magazine for 3 years now and I’m surprised at how many talents were left out.

  • Eusebio27

    yah no G-Eazy or Chance the Rapper

  • Mike

    I think the whole XXL Freshman Class of 2013 is trash lol they couldve found some better artist!

  • Michael Rodriguez

    Hip Hop Is Dead and i stand by that! You got bullshit ass “rappers” like keef cheif, 2 chains, guccii, etc who make money off these bullshit ass records that niggas ACTUALLY LISTEN TO! I can’t believe wat hip hop has become.. i mean any body can just scream on the track and say like 3 words as a hook but it takes a brilliant mind to put words together and create an image in any mans mind that touches there soul in an inspirational way, thus creating new beliefs in there thought process. < that, my friends is music! its easy to rap about money, drugs, guns, bitches, etc but how easy is it to write a hit record dedicated to changing society in a positive way!

    Holla at me!

  • dbomb805

    no love for young roddy???

  • thebeast361

    wow kirko blows dick! joey badass is fucked up but has potential and logic assassinated it

  • Big Dill

    what the fuck no flatbush zombies?


    no Raz Fresco , no Bishop Nehru WTF this years freshmen are shit as fuck fuck this shit

  • FuckUp

    Understand. KEEF IS A HYPE ARTIST.

  • John Williams J-Dub

    94 freshman class was 1 of the greatest!! Nas, Big, Bone Thugs, Snoop Dogg, Outkast well his was the end of 93 nvm

  • Cameron

    dizzy’s look is priceless hahahaha

  • gman

    man people hatin cuz they aint getting paid you all needa relax cuz drake lies all the time and your talking bout a kid tht is still growing and spits real shit yall be crazy

  • damnnewports

    who is the fat rapper from chicago with the laid back flow? I cant think of his name.

    • ItsComicKid

      king louie?

  • Andrew Trosper


  • ItsComicKid

    Chance the Rapper on 2014 freshman or xxl loses all creditability

  • yoz 2ruly

    nas waz rigth when he waz declaring hip-hop as being dead,real hip hop is realy dead.buried by……

  • トラップの神々TRAP GODS


  • sergio.ferrel111

    luke christopher is better than every rapper in here (no disrespect to schoolboy q or dizzy wright) & he’s only 19 and raps, produces, and sings all his own hooks. On top of tha he’s a beast with both the piano and guitar, he already has songs with common, asher roth and no id. XXL writers need to do more research. Kid’s lyrically insane but apperantly thats not important anymore.

  • sergio.ferrel111

    luke christopher is better than every rapper in here (no disrespect
    to schoolboy q or dizzy wright) & he’s only 19 and raps, produces,
    and sings all his own hooks. On top of tha he’s a beast with both the
    piano and guitar, he already has songs with common, asher roth and no
    id. XXL writers need to do more research. Kid’s lyrically insane but apperantly thats not important anymore.

  • Beaver

    Dizzy,Joey BadA$$, and Logic are easily the three rawest rappers on this whole list no doubt. There the future of rap

  • http://www.jaybape.com/ Houston TX mayne

    Kirko Bangz? Trinidad Lames? Dizzy Wright? Freshmen????

  • ListenToRapNotCrap

    None of these artists deserve their spots. There are a lot better artists than the ones on this list.

  • 0g fame

    how do you become a freshman

  • DaveThaEngineer

    Its a new year and i think Mir Superior should be on the list . he is the truth

  • Brandon Allen

    everyone on here talking bout how chief keef is trash, I mean, he is trash, but why is trinidad james getting no hate?

  • Audrey

    Shoulda had August Alsina smh