Parents and Alumni Upset Gucci Mane Was Chosen for Career Day


Last week, Gucci Mane made headlines for visiting Crawford Long Middle School’s career day as their guest speaker. Now, parents and alumni are outraged that Gucci was chosen to speak to the students.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that parents and alumni of the Atlanta Public School system were not fond of Gucci’s past criminal record and explicit lyrics. One parent said that they could have picked a better role model. Another parent says that La Flare isn’t even on top of his game musically, given the history of his extensive rap sheet.

An APS representative noted that they plan on following up with the school about the matter. “We want to make sure people who serve as role models to our students are in line with our ethical and integrity standards.”

[via HipHop-Wired]

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  • Poppa

    He’s the perfect example of never giving up. He took his negatives and turned them into positives and i think it took a lot of courage for him to go and share his story with the children and let them know that they can overcome any bad obstacle thrown in their path. All we hear are the straight A, Harvard educated Doctor, lawyer stories. The policeman, Fireman stories. I think we need to have the i made a few bad choices in life, but i didn’t give up stories heard, because for alot of children fear of failure is the reason most don’t try.

  • True2HipHop

    It’s deplorable that someone would think Gucci Mane is someone to look up too. I’m laughing at that Kids Bop/bubble gum rap shit he somehow creates. Sure he has money but it’s only because he has so many loyal dumbed down fans who think what he says holds weight! Please he is horrible, his music is trash, his whole M.O. is just wack. But i am glad to see him make it in America in the sense that he defied the odds but I don’t support what he does because when it comes to hip hop he isn’t anything worth spending the time on. He can’t compete with real lyricist only wack southern lame like himself. #supportMCs #LyricsNotGimmicks #RealHipHop #StepUpYourBars

  • Cola-Sosa Jenkins

    They can say what they want about his criminal history. Everyone makes mistakes, but Gucci did go to college on an academic scholarship.