Is Anything Better Than Gucci Mane at a Middle School Career Day?

Gucci Mane recently stopped by Crawford Long Middle School in Atlanta to talk to the young’ns. Listen up!

gucci mane career day 1 gucci mane career day

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  • Jermaine Jackson

    Fuck this worthless, no talent, uneducated nigger. I’m calling for all parents to contact the Atlanta school board to have the principle of this school removed!

  • truth.

    this kind of ill thought out behaviour is what gives hip hop its bad name. If rap is entertainment, then class it as an adult content. having Gucci mane or whatever the talentless pot bellied fella is known as promoting ANYTHING in a school is disgracefull. This man has made a living off talking about wrongs in society and promoting them. He doesnt have a strong message to teach the youth. he raps about drug dealing and an unatainable lifestyle.
    Shame on anyone who thinks sending him into a school to teach values to a generation of impressionable children is a good idea.