When: 11/20/12

Where: Crustacean Restaurant, Beverly Hills, CA

Kanye and Kim showed a little PDA when they took Kylie and Kendal Jenner (Kim's sisters) out to dinner at Crustacean Restaurant in Beverly Hills. Fresh off a family trip, Kim reportedly treated her sisters out to dinner while Yeezy also attended. It's said that the couple had a chance to step out the restaurant for a sneaky kiss.


When: 11/22/12

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Both driving matching black luxury whips, the two rolled out in style last Thursday (November 22) as they headed to have Thanksgiving dinner at Kim's sister, Khloe's house in Los Angeles. Kim drove a Mercedes G-Glass while 'Ye kept his cool in his all-black Lamborghini.


When: 11/22/12

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner, here the two were spotted arriving at 'Ye's pad in LA after leaving Khloe's house.