50 Cent Releasing Wireless Headphones

Dr. Dre will soon have some company in the headphone game.

According to the website for the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) which goes down later this week, 50 Cent will be teaming up with Sleek Audio to release his own set of headphones. “Sleek Audio and 50 Cent have joined forces to create Sleek by 50 Cent, the new standard for Wireless Hybrid audio performance,” the site reads. The headphones will be unveiled by Sleek Audio CEO Mark Krywko and 50 Cent at CES on January 6.

In related news, the G-Unit general’s upcoming film, Blood Out, will be released in April. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Durbey E. Macon

    If they work and have good sound quality, I will buy them.

    • Kid Cashier

      I guess i’m going to be the only one keepin it real here…
      Instead of selling headphones, low budget films or some watered down kool-aid, why don’t fifty try to sell some above average music!?!?

      Not to sound like a hater cause i normally dont do this… but damn 50 fell off… Banks the only dude in the unit puttin quality music out. I mean damn the only shit i hear from fifty is a couple verses on weak ass rNb joints… i mean he was made by dissin cats who did that now thats all his career has become… I hope all the investments he keeps getting involved in are all good ones cause musically he is irrelevant!

      I mean damn son!! Its like 50 got Rich and Stopped Tryin… and if u disagree u lyin!

      oh well… get your money 50… cant hate on the hustle… but musically dude is nowhere near top ten these days and i hate that i’m sayin that… haha this big ass paragraph is wack too.. ha ha my bad ya’ll just had to vent… i just hate when artist forget what made them as soon as the money starts stackin…

      • reddbull

        @ kid cashier… dude the man is a business man at the end of the day fuck making music is bout making money…the whole rap game is bout making money wtf you saying….ur comment tell u aint no hustler or bout money…

  • http://www.reverbantion.com/hollamann vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    been waitin on this invention since bluetooth…I mean most niggas play they music thru they phones anyway so it should be an easy feat to accomplish…damn 50 stay winning!

  • Blood Hound


  • Sha

    Wireless??? Maybe that’s why no one’s listening to his music anymore.

    Just jokin’….

    Good luck 50. Hope you sell something.

  • worldizmine

    Very good look for 50!
    Hope they sound good.

  • supa supa dopa

    50 get to da money, hustler’s spirit aaaaall da way!

  • Ru

    50 stays two steps ahead of the game! Ive gone thru two pairs of Beats by Dre studio head phones and so has my cousin. The rubber coating on the wire keeps shreading, exposing the wire and Monster wouldn’t do anything for me. Monster products are cheap quality! Wireless headphones is another good business venture for Mr. Jackson.

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