Film Starring 50 Cent Set For April Release [Trailer]

50 Cent will be coming soon to a theater near you.

The Queens rapper’s upcoming project, Blood Out, is reportedly set for an April 2011 release. The movie, which was previously titled Gun and also stars Val Kilmer, follows the story of a man seeking revenge for the murder of his brother.

The G-Unit general also recently signed on to the film Lives of the Saints, which is a drama that tells the story of a group of troubled Los Angeles residents looking for redemption.

As previously reported, 50′s production company recently inked a $200 million deal. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Sha

    When I originally made a comment in reference to 50′s $200 Milli deal (not a nice comment) cats tried to tear me a new one.

    Ok….. Here is my new comment…….

    These are exactly the types of movies 50 will release with his production deal. Exactly. Straight to DVD shit. Sorry people. But in terms of movies, $200 Mill ain’t shit.

    I don’t wish harm on 50. And I always love my brothers makin’ moves and gettin’ paper. But if some of you dummies think making movies is the same as making hip-hop records, you are seriously sick. It’s not about QUANTITY. It’s about QUALITY. And judging from this trailer, 50 is clearly thinking QUANTITY (as in how many of you dummies will drag your Stan asses into a movie theater or DVD store and cop this).

    This looks like garbage (although I have been wrong a few times about trailers). It smells like garbage. So it’s a safe bet that it probably IS garbage.

    And VAL KILMER?????? What happened to you man? You had your serious hollywood on back in the day. I still give mad props to your performance in TOMBSTONE. One of the illest performances I have ever seen.

    Now you’re doing movies like this? I wonder how much Val got paid for this. He’s considered a C-class actor so I’ll bet it ate up half of 50′s budget for the film.

    Save your money kids. This could turn out to be better than the trailer, but I doubt it.

    • pap3rchazer

      wtf??? sooo how big of a movie’s budget depends whether you’ll like it or not??? oh gimme a break!

      what about the storyline or plot, does that count too??? movies like Belly, Paid in Full, State Property, Killa Season were also low budget films….does that mean that they suck too??? smh

      yall motherfuckas are TOO critique!

  • Justin T. Poindexter

    This is in Theaters in April you dumb fuck :)

  • Kid Pistol

    @Sha You fell off, homie. I can only co-sign a small section of this.

  • NotHatin/JustStatin

    This movie does look like a low budget garbage ass straight-to-dvd film.
    It will flop bigtime if its going to be played in movie theaters.

    The trailer is just fucking awful.

    For 50s sake,i hope it will do good,but i really doubt it

  • Don mcCaine

    Yo Sha…

    did you feel the same way with them Steven Segal & Van-Damme movies? Same sh^t…

    I ain’t expecting 50 to make ‘Avatar’…but this looks more interesting than that ‘Tron’ piece of sh^t I just saw…

    • Sha


      Nah. Why? Because I was never a fan of their movies. I had only “heard” that Steven Segal &Van-Damme could kick the sh*t out of cats. But I was a kid. Easily influenced.

      I’m not saying that 50 won’t get his paper. Cause like me, the young stupid kids could fall into that same trap. But judging from this trailer, it’s not even remotely possible for this film to be taken seriously even on a Segal and Van level.

      And no one said 50 had to blow a budget in order to make a good movie. Ever hear of “The Blair Witch Project”? But that movie was made by people that had passion for their craft. What they didn’t have in cash they more than made up for in movie-making skill.

      But what else could 50 do? He doesn’t have the talent in film to take something on a shoe-string budget and pimp it to 100 mill performance. That takes knowledge. And 50 doesn’t have it. So he will do what most businessmen do. Throw some money at it and maybe one movie out of 4 or 5 bad ones will generate some buzz.

      And then you top off the obvious…..

      50 is not selling records any more. When a rapper’s name is attached to the trailer so prominently it’s because the director or movie company is trying to capitalize off of the rapper’s fan base. But 50 has wrecked that.

      All in all, I see what you’re trying to say. But you’re analyzing from a well-wisher perspective and you aren’t truly analyzing his position. Facts are facts. This is straight garbage.

      • Kid Cashier

        haha your opinion is just that an OPINION. you said facts are facts…. but u show none bro…

        U cant claim to state facts with no backing… Real talk, how do u know people wont like this?? U gave blair witch as an example… i bet there were lots of people who thought that movie was straight garbage when it came out.

        Its all based off opinion… and yours like mine and everyone elses on xxl really dont mean shit, cuz at the end of the day you’re sitting on your ass at home trying to knock people who are out doing something with themselves.

        50 might never make it huge as an actor… but atleast he doin what the fuck he wanna do… anyone who is hatin is just salty cuz u wish u had the same opportunity and ya dont… at least thats what it sounds like to me.

        So instead of hatin… get off your ass and try to do something with your own life… and that goes to all people who hop on these blogs and talk shit… while u on the computer hatin, the world outside is passin u by… and that is a FACT my friend.

  • alderman j

    Hey clowns ever heard of the tribecca independent film festival, it usually showcases movies that are made by independent production companies, these movies are all low budget and they are some of the best movies that are made each year. There is a station on cable dedicated solely to these movies, so i dont know what the hell this nigga talking about. The budget dont have to be big for it to be a good movie, if that was the case i suppose TRON is the movie of the year because of all the money they spent making it. This nigga dont know what he talking about.

  • New York State Of Mind

    …IDK if me and my lady are going to see this one…

  • Don mcCaine

    “But you’re analyzing from a well-wisher perspective”

    ^ as I should, I haven’t seen any of these new movies to pass judgment…

    “He doesn’t have the talent in film to take something on a shoe-string budget and pimp it to 100 mill performance. That takes knowledge. And 50 doesn’t have it”

    ^ but his partner does (Randall Emmett)…’88 Minutes’ was a good flick…


    man 50 is just bullsh**t when it comes to movie or theater.okey we dont mind how much dime he`s gonna pump in this ass movie but lets watch the space en see our boy loose ro gather it all. Am not biased n I wish it lucky for this dude but his fame in Africa is rotting

  • lol

    OK ima be the one to not hate on 50 and say good job. even though u aint makin music like 03 u still tyte in my book. straight hustler! and even if it goes straight to DVD, thats coo, i prolly wont even watch it BUT i aint mad at u 50, i aint hatin on someone makin MOVES!

  • The187Worm

    You can download this already on any torrent site……its a dvdrip….perfect quality…….and wtf is Val Kilmer oin with his career?

  • The187Worm

    its called GUN

  • caino

    van dame aint no Bruce Lee but Bloodsport and Kickboxer were classic’s back in the day!! The scene when van dame gets drunk in kickboxer and tries to dance is the funniest shit ever!

    ps – the trailer to this movie sucks ass!


    @ sha
    I jus watched this movie on bootleg last nite….not a good movie and 13 (his other movie) wasn’t you were right in that sense.50 is about money so whatever he puts out besides rap(and not even that as of lately) wont be great because he is not a actor or director or whatever he wakes up and decides he wants to do that day.i think you can agree with that.

    • EReal

      The other movie is called 12.

      And those aren’t “his” movies. He isn’t starring in any of them really. Plus the only one attached to his production company is ‘Gun’.

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