The Wu-Tang Clan affiliated rapper who cut his penis off then attempted suicide has had his manhood successfully reattached by doctors, according to a report by TMZ. There were doubts that plastic surgeons would be able to reconnect, Andre "Christ Bearer" Johnson's johnson after the rapper severed the muscle and leapt from two stories last month during a suicide attempt at his North Hollywood abode. But, according to the report, they were able to return the musician's piece back to semi working condition. Johnson will no longer be able to produce kids.

As for a motive for the failed attempt, Johnson reportedly said he was distraught over not being able to see two of his children over restraining orders and was stressing over having another seed on the way. After allegedly smoking weed and reading a book on monks and vasectomies, Bearer reportedly tried do the vasectomy part on his own. Bad move.

[via TMZ]

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