In celebration of Wiz Khalifa’s major label debut, Rolling Papers, officially hitting stores this week, takes a look back at our 2010 Freshman’s lengthy videography. Though he's only been in the game for four years, Young Khalifa has already racked up a pretty stunning array of visuals— from his first LP, 2007’s Show and Prove, to 2009’s buzzworthy Deal or No Deal; his Flight School mixtape, to the Twitter trending topic powerhouse Kush and Orange Juice, and of course RP. So light one up and let your eyes take a trip down memory lane with some of the Pittsburgh, rhyme sayer’s greatest hits. You know what it is... —XXL Staff

"Pittsburgh Sound" 2007

In his first video, Wiz goes for the Jay-Z back against the wall look.

"Say Yeah" 2008

On this club banger (which sampled Alice Deejay’s smash “Better Off Alone”), Wiz utilizes some blinged out special effects.

"Ink My Whole Body" 2009

Instead of showing off his tats as expected, this clip finds the Taylor Gang leader rocking a crowd.

"Youngin' On His Grind" 2009

Viewers could feel the up-and-comer's hustle on this early track.

"Helly Kitty (On the Pill)" 2009

Along with homie Kev tha Hustler and his Taylor Gang, Wiz talks like sex.

"Shame" 2009

In this no-frills black and white clip, Wiz posts up in front of his modest PA crib.

"Material" 2009

Wiz breaks out the gloves, a machete and his signature smile for some uncharacteristic tough talk.

"This Plane" 2010

The paper planes rep rhymes in front of an actual plane in this video that also includes footage of the insane turnouts at the rap rookie’s concerts.

"Goodbye" 2010

Wiz brought out all of the lights for this one.

"Name On A Cloud/Wussup" 2010

Over the J Dilla-produced instrumental for Pharcyde’s “Run” Khalifa takes viewers to church.

"The Statement" 2010

Khalifa makes a statement with his Malcolm X glasses.

"Kid Frankie" 2010

For the second video off of Kush and OJ, Wiz broke out the bong to celebrate.

"Mezmorized" 2010

Weed, cars and clothes is all a brother knows.

"Never Been" 2010

Khalifa heads to the strip club for this Kush and OJ banger.

"In the Cut" 2010

Wiz invites viewers to a house party complete with cans of miller light, hot white college girls in bikinis and of course, some dude jumping off the roof of the crib into the pool.

"Black and Yellow" 2010

For the first single off Roling Papers, Wiz brought out the whole city.

"Black and Yellow Remix" 2011

Wiz got Snoop, T-Pain, and Juicy J to rock his hometown colors.

"That Good" 2011

Snoop passes his infamous sticky icky over to Wiz and voila. The new Cheech and Chong is born.

"On My Level" 2011

Short Dog, DJ Drama and Nipsey Hussle showed love to the up-and-comer in the second video off Rolling Papers.

"Roll Up" 2011

Showing off his new Black and Yellow ’do, Wiz keeps it real sunny in this clip that also stars Cassie.