Fanatics of the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan and his Jordan Brand will have a special location to share their best Jordan memories and collectibles once Jordan Heads Brooklyn opens up for business in the area. JHB will be the first consignment sneaker boutique that focuses strictly on MJ and his brand. The store located at 302 Malcolm X Boulevard in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood will have its official grand opening Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 12:00 p.m.

Jordan Heads Brooklyn is the ultimate destination for Jordan Heads. The boutique will be outfitted with Air Jordan memorabilia, including sneakers, jerseys, t-shirts, key chains, artwork, magazines and posters which will be available for purchase. From the ceiling to the walls, the boutique encompasses childhood and adult memories of the greatest basketball player of all-time and his signature sneakers.

We sat down with founder and operator of Jordan Heads Brooklyn, Calvan Fowler, to speak on the opening of Jordan Heads Brooklyn, rare Jordan memorabilia and sneakers, and his upcoming documentary film with Michael Rapaport on the Air Jordan sneaker and the millions who love them titled “Jordan Heads" which is currently in post-production, set to release in 2015.

How did the idea behind Jordan Heads Brooklyn come about?
Well the idea came about when I was in the process of making the documentary called "Jordan Heads" which will be out next year. I just happened to notice people's environments when I visit their homes or their workplaces and they were totally surrounded by Michael Jordan paraphernalia, sneakers, posters, artwork, alarm clocks... I mean anything that was Michael Jordan they had in their homes, so I said to myself in the process of making the documentary that it would be cool to create a unique shopping experience for those to come and feel at home with the Jordan Brand products and memorabilia. I created the store as an offshoot of the film, and then being in Brooklyn the birthplace of Michael Jordan, I thought it was the right fit.

How do you think customers will react once they walk into Jordan Heads Brooklyn for the first time?
I feel people are going to feel like they belong here. They are just going to look around in amazement and that's what a lot of people have done thus far; they can't stop looking at each image. They look at the product, the different artifacts and collectibles. The overall idea of the store is to make it a destination for people around the world to come and celebrate Jordan. We sell things by pieces and I really want people to be shocked by this.

What would you say are the rarest collectibles in your store?
I would say the cologne from the 90's with the Michael Jordan phone card. Who knows if that card still works but it's very rare. I would also say the pizza box from "Do The Right Thing" from Sal's Famous Pizzeria. I have the original box from the film, and we have a lot more things coming in. Another thing we have coming in is a signed Michael Jordan baseball from the days he used to play semi-pro baseball with the Barons.


Are you looking to expand the Jordan Heads store in the long run?
Yes. I'm looking at Tokyo or Los Angeles, but I really want to take the store over to Japan. They have a huge respect for hip-hop and what the genre has created. Plus, they are huge Jordan heads and love the brand out there as much as we do here in the States.

You're are currently in the post-production part of your upcoming documentary Jordan Heads with actor and film director Michael Rapaport. Is there an exact release date for the movie and can you give us a brief synopsis on the film?
I don't have an exact date, but what you can expect to get from the film is a better understanding as to why people have a fascination for the Air Jordan shoe, but you'll be also able to hear people speak on the shoe and get a history lesson of the Jordan Brand. Before the internet exposed the sneaker culture to the world, it was a subculture within the subculture, so you're gonna see a lot of OG sneakerheads in the film as well as a lot of vintage ill shit.

Do you recall the first Air Jordan sneaker you purchased?
The first pair I got my hands on was back in the '90s and it was through a trade. I traded a friend of mine in high school my sheepskin hat for a pair of Infrared 6's. I didn't start wearing the shoes until four years ago, and when I went to take the garbage out, I felt myself get shorter. I looked at the floor and I happened to see dust everywhere and the soles of the shoes were behind me, so basically those were my first J's.

What's the most you ever spent on a pair of Air Jordans?
I don't want to embarrass myself, so I don't want to say it, but it was a special shoe to me. I definitely did take out some money from the mortgage to obtain these shoes and I'll never do that again. [Laughs]

What's the website people can check out the store and the Instagram and Twitter where they can follow you at?
The website is, but we are not gonna be live as of yet. In a month we should have an E-commerce account. The main thing right now is getting people in the doors to see the environment and take it in, but people can follow the new store on IG and Twitter @JHBK23.