If you didn't see Drake take over Saturday Night Live last night, you missed a show for the ages. Mr. OVO showed off his acting skills with some hilarious moments during the hour and a half long show. For SNL's first episode of 2014, Drake shines, impersonating Lil Wayne, Jay Z, comedian Katt Williams and delivers in some fantastic skits. Here are the top 10 moments from last night episode.

The 19 Best Moments Of Drake's "SNL"

Drake Awkward Missed Hug With Jhene Aiko turned Group Hug

The night wouldn't have been complete without a Drake awkward moment and he delivers just before the show ends. As usual when SNL ends, everyone congratulates each other. Well, when Drizzy went to give Jhene Aiko a hug, this happened. How amazing is this.

Drake's Performances

It was a double duty job for Aubrey last night as he was in several skits and  performed some of his hit songs. He performed “Started From The Bottom,” “Trophies,”   “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and was joined by Jhene Aiko who assists for “From Time.”

Drake Playing Alex Rodriguez

Drake opened as Alex Rodriquez, nailing all his mannerism perfectly. The skit was "A-Rod" speaking to "Piers Morgan" about how he didn't send texts out to order steroids instead auto-correct changed his message around and messed it up. Watch it above.

Drake Playing Dad At His Daughter's Slumber Party

In this sketch Drake plays the dad of new SNL cast member Sasheer Zamata. In the skit Aidy Bryant lusts over Drizzy pretty hard and who can blame her. Look at that mustache/sweater combination.

Drake Playing Trey, Co-Host of "Mornin' Miami" Early Morning Talk Television

Moynihan, McKinnon, and Drake play news castors recording their promo for the week. Amazing.

Drake Playing Katt Williams Being Interviewed By Nancy Grace

"Katt Williams" gets interviewed by "Nancy Grace" about the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. The hair along with Drake's acting makes this skit well worth the watch

Drake Playing Jay Z On Mr. Wizard & Playing Lil Wayne In Family Matters

For the "Before They Were Stars" skit, Drake played Jay Z and Lil Wayne and delivered knockout performances. Fans may never look at Family Matters the same again. Watch above.

The 19 Best Moments Of Drake's "SNL"


Drake Playing As Host Of Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular At Disney World Orlando

Even though it started out slow, Drake shines in the skit as he helps a confused and misguided participant through the "adventure" watch above.

Drake's Bar Mitzvah Monologue

"I'm Back and Jewish
Don't be so foolish
I'm Black and Jewish
It's a Mitzvah

Please don't forget I'm black, please don't forget I'm Jewish
I play ball like Lebron and I know what a W-2 is
Chillin' in Boca Raton with my mensch, Lenny Kravitz
The only purple drink we sip is purple Manischewitz
At my show, you gon' simply put your hands in the air
We can also raise a chair or recite a Jewish prayer
Like [?] Israel
[?] Kim Kardashian Kanye West, amen

I eat Hova with Nova, [?] with my bitches
A bagel and cream cheesy with my boy his name is Weezy
Do not go to Fine Gold though
the pickles are rubber
And I will not be harmin' yah
I read the Old Testament, okra and [?], I'll eat the rest of it
I celebrate Hanukkah, dated Rihannakah
Birth right in Israel, mama from Canada
Daddy from Africa
Best of both worlds when you're Jewish with black in yah

BARS, watch above.

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