Tidal is being sued by a former employee over pregnancy discrimination. TMZ reports Lisette Paulson filed a lawsuit against the streaming service after she was fired the day after requesting a private room to use a breast pump.

Paulson's suit alleges that Desiree Perez of Tidal denied her request for a private room, telling her to use the bathroom instead. Perez allegedly asked Paulson if pumping was necessary and grew frustrated when she insisted on a private space. Paulson says that Perez told her there would be a meeting regarding the matter, however, a day after the meeting, Paulson was fired.

Jay Z and his streaming service were sued last week as well by Prince's estate over streaming rights to the late musician's work. A complaint filed by the estate asserted that Prince’s last album and the rest of his catalog were never up for grabs. Prince’s Hit n Run Phase Two was released exclusively on Tidal in December of 2015, though in the summer of that same year, he pulled all of his music from streaming sites.

NPG Records claims no other agreements were made and that Tidal “is exploiting many copyrighted Prince works.” The complaint cites Tidal adding 15 Prince albums to its service, and states that the company made no attempt to communicate with Prince’s estate following his death.

Both lawsuits come on the heels of a September report that puts Tidal's 2015 earnings at a $28 million loss.

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