Last month, Mr. Probz released his new single "Till You're Loved." The Dutch singer returns to the track to provide it with some appropriate visuals. The video sees a man and woman attracting each other before connecting on a deeper level. The visual accentuates Mr. Probz's up-tempo love song, which serves as a soundtrack to the story.

“Can you tell me/How close is too close/How far is too far/I gotta know/You see beauty/In the things I don't see/Body to body/Soul to soul/But I've been nursing a broken heart/Taking the steps back to where I start/Don't know where we're going/No no no no/You got something about your light/Showed me I wasn't living right/Don't care where we're going/Don't need to know,” Mr. Probz sings.

Director Richard Paris Wilson created the unique video for Mr. Probz's latest song. The singer enjoyed the vision of Wilson, who imagined the two lovers as universes aligning.

“‘Till You’re Loved’ is all about love, experiencing love and living when you feel that you are loved,” Mr. Probz said. “The track, a feel good mid-tempo song, is set to have everyone falling in love once again with sultry vocal tones and soulful grooves! This is all possible in a truly chaotic world when universes truly align, which is beautifully captured in this Richard Paris Wilson directed music video.”

Watch Mr. Probz's "Till You're Loved" video below. You can also purchase the track now on iTunes.

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