Welcome to "Flip My Style," XXL’s video franchise where the hip-hop and fashion worlds collide. For the first episode of our new visual series, XXL goes behind the scenes with the founder and owner of Staple Design, Staple clothing and Reed Space, Jeff Staple.

In the very first episode of "Flip My Style," Jeff Staple breaks down his come-up in the streetwear industry as well as the influence of hip-hop in fashion. The New Jersey-born tastemaker recalls the time he printed out his first batch of Staple shirts, and how he ended up turning his T-shirt business into a coveted brand. With hip-hop as one of the inspirations behind his brand, the CEO and founder of Staple gives us an insight into his relationship with the genre, which first began during his time at Rawkus Records where served as a graphic designer for some of the label's biggest and most notable albums. Staple goes on to give props to the likes of Pharrell Williams and Kanye West for changing the way people dress and view hip-hop.

Staple also shares with XXL the inspiration behind his other two ventures, Staple Design and his retail store/art gallery, Reed Space, located in New York City. The CEO closes out his interview by providing a few tips on how to create a successful clothing brand and speaks on the future of his Staple clothing line as well as his other ventures. Check out the first episode of XXL's "Flip My Style" above.

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