This December, G-Shock expands its ability to fuse style and technology with two new series of watches with the Black Gloss Series and the 90’s Protector Series.

The Black Gloss Series will include - the GWM5610BB-1 and AWGM510BB-1A — and offers a polished aesthetic with a glossy black band and exterior. Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping allows for accurate timekeeping no matter the timezone.

G-Shock will take its consumer down memory lane with their 90’s Protector Series which offers a vintage feel with a square digital face as well as a face protector. The 3 pieces in the series will include - the DW5600P-1, the DW5600P-4, and the DW5600P-9, and will drop in the colors of yellow and red, as well as classic black.