L.A. Reid's departure from Sony's Epic Records imprint last week (May 11) is being greeted with a lot of controversy after one of his former co-workers has come forward to accuse him of “several instances” of sexual harassment. According to a letter written to Sony Music’s General Counsel Julie Swidler, the accuser made multiple claims of harassment against the longtime executive, including “inappropriate physical advances” at a Christmas party last December, asking her to lay down with him and give him a hug in a hotel on a business trip, and making comments about her clothing.

While a person in Reid's camp has responded to the letter, claiming that it contains "inaccuracies," some of Epic Records executives are being brought into the case. According to Billboard, a source says the accuser's attorney points out in a letter that the assistant allegedly complained to her immediate supervisor about Reid's conduct, but there was no solution offered to her on how to move forward. The letter also claims that she complained to a "high-ranking executive" at Epic about him, to which she was apparently told, “Before you say anything more, think about what that means for you. Just think about what it means."

At the moment, Epic, L.A. Reid, himself, and his legal team have not spoken out on the accusations, but this case is certainly building. If you recall, last week, Sony released a very brief statement on Reid's departure that simply read, “L.A. Reid will be leaving the company," with no explanation or detail. He originally signed on to run Epic back in 2011.

There's also no official confirmation on where Reid will be heading, though it's sad he is in talks with Warner Music Group’s Len Blavatnik about a position running the Warner Bros. Record label. Epic hasn't revealed who could potentially replace him, but the label currently has top names in the music game signed to them, including Mariah Carey, DJ Khaled, Future, Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, 21 Savage, Travis Scott and more.

We'll keep you updated on this case as it moves forward.

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