Brooklyn's Dyme-A-Duzin enters the new year with a surprise EP, showing off his lyrical floor routine on the five-track Ghetto Olympics. Listen to the EP, which features Oswin Benjamin and production from Mark Henry, The Olympicks and more, above.

On SoundCloud, the rapper explains that the EP's concept derives from the idea that "the attributes needed to overcome struggles and obstacles which get in the way of success to the same stamina and perseverance that are required to win a gold medal." The cover, designed by Sen Floyd, Collin Classics and David Denaszca, is a take on the five Olympic rings, two turned into bandanas, one swapped out for barbed wire, while the yellow ring is replaced by caution tape.

Dyme says that the EP is just to hold fans over as he finishes working on his upcoming album Crown Field, which is slated to drop later this year. Listen to Ghetto Olympics up above with the EP's tracklist and credits included below. In a Twitter Q&A, Dyme further explained the tape's concept, writing, "In the hood we all have our own talents. We're all trying to make it out."

Dyme-A-Duzin's Ghetto Olympics tracklist

1. “20/20 Vision” prod. by Mark Henry and MK
2. “Seasons” prod. by Mark Henry, Vontae Thomas and Nisi
3. “Supposed To” prod. by Mark Henry and MK
4. “Raw” feat. Oswin Benjamin, prod. by The Olympicks
5. “Legends” prod. by Montage

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