Considering that each is a New York staple, it is somewhat surprising that the A$AP Mob had never touched the Tonight Show stage but Wednesday night (July 20) the Harlem collective made their national television debut as a group, performing "Yamborghini High" off their upcoming album Cozy Tapes Vol. 1.

Most striking is the way that the Mob transformed The Tonight Show set, creating a run-way of sorts with rubble on either side. There's a television with video games set up, skateboard tricks and an overall aesthetic similar to the track's video which dropped back in May and was chosen as one of XXL's 27 best hip-hop videos of 2016 thus far. The changing colors of the video are even emulated as flashes of different colored light are cast over the crew, who are decked out in camouflage from head to toe.

Back in January, A$AP Rocky described the upcoming album during a visit to Hot 97, saying “It’s the Yams album that he was working on before he passed. So it’s basically an A$AP collective. Like your Ruff Ryders Volume 1 type, Ryde or Die Vol. 1 or like Diplomatic Immunity.” Rocky said that not much was done before Yams’ untimely passing, but that he left sufficient instruction. “He broke down in his notes and he would tell me who he wants on there. We was about to start working on it,” he said.

Watch the crew perform "Yamborghini High" up above.

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