Chief Keef’s Gun Range Interview Will Serve as Evidence for Upcoming Hearing

Chief Keef violated his probation when Pitchfork posted a video of them doing an interview at a gun range. Since then, the video has been retracted, but a judge is demanding that it will be used as evidence for his upcoming hearing, says the Chicago Sun-Times.

Cook County prosecutors are seeking the uncut version of the video from Pitchfork to determine if he violated his probation. At the time of when the video went online, Keef was serving an 18-month probation for allegedly pointing a gun at a police officer. The video for Pitchfork’s “Selector” series reportedly showed him holding a rifle.

A hearing on the probation violation is set for December 17. If things don’t go in his favor, Keef may miss the release date of his Interscope debut, Finally Rich, that comes out the next day.

In related news, Chicago police are also investigating if Keef and his affiliates were involved in the September 4 murder of rapper Lil Jojo.

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