Cassidy & Meek Freestyling

A quasi-beef between Cassidy and Meek Mill has been brewing for some time now, with the majority of it has taken place over Twitter. It wasn’t always bad blood between the two Philladelphia rappers (Check out the above video of Cassidy and a young Meek engaging in a friendly cypher). Last week Meek tweeted that in order for a battle between the two to take place, Cassidy would need to “get poppin first”. While Cassidy’s buzz has surely cooled off in recent years, Meek should be aware that when it comes to off the top punchlines, Tha Hustla will always be a formidable opponent. Take a look back at Cassidy’s best freestyles. — XXL Staff

Cassidy x E Ness

Cassidy vs. Freeway 1

Cassidy vs. Freeway 2

Cassidy Hot 97

Rap City Cassidy x Swizz Beatz

Cassidy Rap City Freestyle

Cassidy Toca Tuesdays Freestyle

Cassidy on Cosmic Kev

Cassidy Pistolvania DVD freestyle