The 25 Most Amazing Jim Jones Ad Libs

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    Jim Jones’ approach to rapping is really a masterful thing (Really). He makes a proclamation and immediately follows it up, as if the line couldn’t have been properly digested on its’ own (Footnotes!). Sometimes it’s a mere reiteration of the rhyme (That means repeat). Sometimes he provides commentary as an extension to the point (Wikipedia!). Often, they’re unnecessary explanations. But almost always, they’re amazing; often even more entertaining than the raps themselves. Jimmy’s made a career of ad-libs. What would “We Fly High” have been without “Ballliiinnnn’”? So before we interrupt ourselves with our own ad-libs (again!), take a look at the 25 most amazing ad-libs from the Capo himself. —<i>Neil Martinez-Belkin</i><a href="">(@Neil_MB)</a>
  • Jim+Jones-2
    Jim Jones ft. Trav “Paper Chase” <i>Vampire Life 2</i> (2012)
    “And I’m getting’ bread, all kinda dough / when I’m getting’ head I be countin’ dough / Fuck the feds, I’mma drown in dough <b>(I need a lifeguard)</b>"
  • Jim+Jones-1
    Jim Jones “Goin’ In For The Kill” (2011)
    I free my mind and I hit the dour / Wish we could press rewind before they hit the towers <b>(Just a thought, just a thought)</b>”
  • jim-jones-040209
    Jim Jones ft. Rell “Let Me Fly” <i>Capo</i> (2010)
    “Can’t front that fat ass and the wavy hair <b>(Damn)</b>, had a nigga contemplate about stayin’ here <b>(Thinking about staying, man) / I miss that flight, I gotta pay the leer (Oh, I ain’t payin’ that)”</b>
  • Jim+Jones-4
    A$AP Mob ft. Jim Jones “Freeze” <i>The A$AP Mob Tape</i> (2012)
    “That type of action happened every third weekend / Took all type of trips, till my milieage got frequent <b>(I got free flights this year)</b>”
  • jim-jones-3
    Jim Jones “Reppin’ Time” <i>Hustler’s P.O.M.E</i> (2006)
    “Momma raised a thug, lawyers when we face the judge <b>(KALINA!)</b>”
  • Jim-Jones-Ft.-Camron-Teyana-Taylor-Party-Tonight-Lyrics
    Jim Jones “Day N Nite (Remix)” (2008)
    “We born to die, so I get high just like I’m born to fly <b>(To the moon)</b> / I’m in the court with marijuana eyes <b>(Sorry, judge)</b>
  • Jim-Jones1
    Jim Jones “Bussa Move” <i>Ghost of Rich Porter</i> (2010)
    “Usually the suspect, I guess I’m going Keyser on ‘em <b>(Think about that)</b>”
  • jim-jones-rapper
    Jim Jones ft. Max B “So Harlem” <i>Hustler’s P.O.M.E.</i> (2006)
    “A desperado <b>(Jones)</b>, rich like I struck the lotto <b>(Ballinn’)</b> / trained to fight like Cus D’Amato <b>(He could scrap)</b>”
  • jim-jones-rapper-1
    Jim Jones ft. Rell “Don’t Push Me Away” <i>Hustler’s P.O.M.E</i> (2006)
    “You seen the spotlight, watched niggas crumble to the fame <b>(So crazy)</b> / And all the time you tried to tell me stay humble and maintain <b>(You’d tell me cool out)</b> / When I was like, let’s got half on a baby <b>(Let’s have a kid)</b>, and if not let’s just go half on a ‘cedes."
  • Jim+Jones-2
    Jim Jones ft. Trav “No Way” <i>Vampire Life 2</i> (2012)
    “I watched the eighties, I killed the nineties, now I’m having scary dreams from all this guilt behind me <b>(SPOOKY!)</b>”
  • Jim+Jones-4
    Rich Boy ft. Andre 3000, Jim Jones, Nelly, Murphy Lee, & The Game “Throw Some D’s” (Remix) (2006)
    “I’m at the jeweler now, throw some freeze on that bitch / I got a chess cold and I might sneeze on a bitch <b>(Hachoo!)</b>"
  • 674F89A412996D710077ED1D898FF80A
    Jim Jones ft. Sen City & Gucci Mane “Haunted” <i>Ghost of Rich Porter</i> (2010)
    “Play ball or either sit the bench, sell them bricks intense, and I hope that you can pay just to get defense <b>(Lawyers expensive)</b>"
  • jim-jones-news-article83112
    Jim Jones ft. JR Writer & Sen City “Psycho” <i>Vampire Life</i> (2011)
    “I keep hearing Jim’s psycho <b>(JEFFREY DAHMER!)</b> / But I’m getting dirty money, I’m on spin cycle <b>(I’m at the dryer now!)</b>”
  • Jim-Jones-Lead
    Jim Jones ft. Jadakiss “Goin’ Thru It” <i>Vampire Life</i> (2011)
    “Mind all polluted <b>(And?)</b>, grind all computed <b>(And?)</b>, they say I’m in my prime, undisputed <b>(Ding-Ding-Ding-Ding-Ding)</b>”
  • Jim+Jones-3
    Jim Jones ft. Sen City & Chink Santana “Intro” <i>Capo</i> (2010)
    “IRS say I owe ‘em 8 mil <b>(That’s a lot of taxes)</b> / My accountant tried to tell a nigga make a will <b>(SHARINNN’)</b>
  • jim jones face
    Jim Jones ft. L.E.P Bogus Boys “Hustle” <i>Ghost of Rich Porter</i> (2010)
    “They told play the game but the game is like football <b>(Huddle Up)</b>, told me light flames on the cane when it cook up <b>(Not too much water)</b>”
  • Jim-Jones-Baggage-Claim-Lyrics1
    Jim Jones ft. Raekwon, Sen City & Mel Matrix “Drops Is Out” <i>Capo</i> (2010)
    “Call the horses in my V Kentucky Derbies <b>(Giddy up)</b> / All the whores in my V fuckin’ slurp me <b> (7-11)</b>”
  • Jim+Jones-3
    Jim Jones ft. Sen City “Coke Rush” <i>Ghost of Rich Porter</i> (2010)
    “Nowadays when we cook it man, we hardly use water / I could show you a trick and turn an eighth into a quarter <b>( You got a microwave? You don’t even need the stove)</b>"
  • jim-jones-performs-at-onsmash-invasion-highline-ballroom-nyc-june-29-2010
    Jim Jones ft. Chris Luck & Sen City ”Gangstas Don’t Die” <i>Vampire Life</i> (2011)
    “I call my gun a bald headed bitch but the clip got extensions <b>(Get that? Extensions)</b>”
  • jim-jones-9
    Jim Jones ft. Rugz D. Bewler “Coming Home” (2012)
    “80 on my chest, I think I feel a cold coming on <b>(Coughs violently)</b> / I’m in my summer zone, welcome to the thunder dome, Momma used to ask me when my little ass was comin’ home <b>(Right now, Ma)</b>”
    Jim Jones “Right Up” (2010)
    “I tell ‘em welcome to the nightlife, when we sit ringside during fight night <b>(Mayweather!)</b>
  • jim-jones-2-1
    The Pack ft. Jim Jones “Fly Erryday” (2009)
    “200 for the coupe and 12 for the speakers / No roof, blowin’ smoke to the bleachers <b>(I’m high)</b>
  • jim-jones-1-1
    Jim Jones “We Fly High” <i>Hustler’s P.O.M.E</i> (2006)
    “Stay sky high, fly with the stars <b>(Twinkle Twinkle!)</b>
  • Jim JOnes Milkcrate
    Jim Jones ft. Cam’ron, Vado, & Yo Gotti “Gretzky" (Remix) (2010)
    “Black diamonds, like some fuckin’ charcoal <b>(Amistaaaad)</b>”
  • 2011-Jim-Jones-Blow-Your-Smoke-Directors-Cut-ft.-Rell-music-video-vevo
    Jim Jones ft. Sen City “Coke Rush” <i>Ghost of Rice Porter</i> (2010)
    “I been sellin’ crack since I rode on a Huffy <b>(BMX shit)</b>, and I can tell you the difference between 5-0 and a custy <b>(He don’t look right, watch him. Watch him.)</b>”

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  • plzstopit

    the title said ‘amazing’, but i think you meant ‘pointless’; is that what hip hop has come to now? praising dudes for ad-libs instead of actual things that matter… like cadence, content, etc. giving this dude props for ad-libs is like having an in-depth discussion about a porn movie’s plot.


  • cris

    whatever, I’ll play along…My favorite is on I’m Ready when he screams “Frankie!!!”

  • Myrelle B.