Jim Jones’ approach to rapping is really a masterful thing (Really). He makes a proclamation and immediately follows it up, as if the line couldn’t have been properly digested on its’ own (Footnotes!). Sometimes it’s a mere reiteration of the rhyme (That means repeat). Sometimes he provides commentary as an extension to the point (Wikipedia!). Often, they’re unnecessary explanations. But almost always, they’re amazing; often even more entertaining than the raps themselves. Jimmy’s made a career of ad-libs. What would “We Fly High” have been without “Ballliiinnnn’”? So before we interrupt ourselves with our own ad-libs (again!), take a look at the 25 most amazing ad-libs from the Capo himself. —Neil Martinez-Belkin(@Neil_MB)

Jim Jones ft. Trav “Paper Chase” Vampire Life 2 (2012)


“And I’m getting’ bread, all kinda dough / when I’m getting’ head I be countin’ dough / Fuck the feds, I’mma drown in dough (I need a lifeguard)"

Jim Jones “Goin’ In For The Kill” (2011)


I free my mind and I hit the dour / Wish we could press rewind before they hit the towers (Just a thought, just a thought)

Jim Jones ft. Rell “Let Me Fly” Capo (2010)


“Can’t front that fat ass and the wavy hair (Damn), had a nigga contemplate about stayin’ here (Thinking about staying, man) / I miss that flight, I gotta pay the leer (Oh, I ain’t payin’ that)”

A$AP Mob ft. Jim Jones “Freeze” The A$AP Mob Tape (2012)


“That type of action happened every third weekend / Took all type of trips, till my milieage got frequent (I got free flights this year)

Jim Jones “Reppin’ Time” Hustler’s P.O.M.E (2006)


“Momma raised a thug, lawyers when we face the judge (KALINA!)

Jim Jones “Day N Nite (Remix)” (2008)


“We born to die, so I get high just like I’m born to fly (To the moon) / I’m in the court with marijuana eyes (Sorry, judge)

Jim Jones “Bussa Move” Ghost of Rich Porter (2010)


“Usually the suspect, I guess I’m going Keyser on ‘em (Think about that)

Jim Jones ft. Max B “So Harlem” Hustler’s P.O.M.E. (2006)


“A desperado (Jones), rich like I struck the lotto (Ballinn’) / trained to fight like Cus D’Amato (He could scrap)

Jim Jones ft. Rell “Don’t Push Me Away” Hustler’s P.O.M.E (2006)


“You seen the spotlight, watched niggas crumble to the fame (So crazy) / And all the time you tried to tell me stay humble and maintain (You’d tell me cool out) / When I was like, let’s got half on a baby (Let’s have a kid), and if not let’s just go half on a ‘cedes."

Jim Jones ft. Trav “No Way” Vampire Life 2 (2012)


“I watched the eighties, I killed the nineties, now I’m having scary dreams from all this guilt behind me (SPOOKY!)

Rich Boy ft. Andre 3000, Jim Jones, Nelly, Murphy Lee, & The Game “Throw Some D’s” (Remix) (2006)


“I’m at the jeweler now, throw some freeze on that bitch / I got a chess cold and I might sneeze on a bitch (Hachoo!)"

Jim Jones ft. Sen City & Gucci Mane “Haunted” Ghost of Rich Porter (2010)


“Play ball or either sit the bench, sell them bricks intense, and I hope that you can pay just to get defense (Lawyers expensive)"

Jim Jones ft. JR Writer & Sen City “Psycho” Vampire Life (2011)


“I keep hearing Jim’s psycho (JEFFREY DAHMER!) / But I’m getting dirty money, I’m on spin cycle (I’m at the dryer now!)

Jim Jones ft. Jadakiss “Goin’ Thru It” Vampire Life (2011)


“Mind all polluted (And?), grind all computed (And?), they say I’m in my prime, undisputed (Ding-Ding-Ding-Ding-Ding)

Jim Jones ft. Sen City & Chink Santana “Intro” Capo (2010)


“IRS say I owe ‘em 8 mil (That’s a lot of taxes) / My accountant tried to tell a nigga make a will (SHARINNN’)

Jim Jones ft. L.E.P Bogus Boys “Hustle” Ghost of Rich Porter (2010)

jim jones face

“They told play the game but the game is like football (Huddle Up), told me light flames on the cane when it cook up (Not too much water)

Jim Jones ft. Raekwon, Sen City & Mel Matrix “Drops Is Out” Capo (2010)


“Call the horses in my V Kentucky Derbies (Giddy up) / All the whores in my V fuckin’ slurp me (7-11)

Jim Jones ft. Sen City “Coke Rush” Ghost of Rich Porter (2010)


“Nowadays when we cook it man, we hardly use water / I could show you a trick and turn an eighth into a quarter ( You got a microwave? You don’t even need the stove)"

Jim Jones ft. Chris Luck & Sen City ”Gangstas Don’t Die” Vampire Life (2011)


“I call my gun a bald headed bitch but the clip got extensions (Get that? Extensions)

Jim Jones ft. Rugz D. Bewler “Coming Home” (2012)


“80 on my chest, I think I feel a cold coming on (Coughs violently) / I’m in my summer zone, welcome to the thunder dome, Momma used to ask me when my little ass was comin’ home (Right now, Ma)

Jim Jones “Right Up” (2010)


“I tell ‘em welcome to the nightlife, when we sit ringside during fight night (Mayweather!)

The Pack ft. Jim Jones “Fly Erryday” (2009)


“200 for the coupe and 12 for the speakers / No roof, blowin’ smoke to the bleachers (I’m high)

Jim Jones “We Fly High” Hustler’s P.O.M.E (2006)


“Stay sky high, fly with the stars (Twinkle Twinkle!)

Jim Jones ft. Cam’ron, Vado, & Yo Gotti “Gretzky" (Remix) (2010)

Jim JOnes Milkcrate

“Black diamonds, like some fuckin’ charcoal (Amistaaaad)

Jim Jones ft. Sen City “Coke Rush” Ghost of Rice Porter (2010)


“I been sellin’ crack since I rode on a Huffy (BMX shit), and I can tell you the difference between 5-0 and a custy (He don’t look right, watch him. Watch him.)