On his relationship with his son:


WK: My son was like 'Yo Dad, you my nigga.' It felt so heartwarming. It felt so real. I was like, Wow

HS: I don't know your wife, but I picture her constantly crying

On why he can't change:


HS: Do you ever try to stop yourself from behaving like this?

WK: My dick is another human being

On aging gracefully:


"After 40, you can’t catch STDs anymore. Magic Johnson told me that you just can’t get it anymore after 40."

On his first two years of marriage:


WK: First two years of marriage we fucked everywhere. We did it all. We fucked under the chair, under the table, airplanes, in Hawaii. We even did one anal.

HS: How'd that go?

WK: It was horrible.

DJ Whoo Kidd Born 10/12/1971


On similarities between him and his father:


Robin Quivers: Does you mother know what you’re up to?

WK: Yeah, cause my father’s fucking bitches right now.

HS: You learned this shit from your father? Do you think your dad would fuck your wife if you told him to?

WK: He knows my wife and he understands the movements too. He just caught an std the other day, I took him to the doctor. I think he got Chlamydia or something. He said his nuts were like moving.

On why he’s stayed married:


"I got her pregnant by mistake. I’m Caribbean so we stay with…It’s a tradition. We don’t leave the baby mama. I’m not from Harlem, you know what I’m saying?”

On being with white girls:


"I’ve fucked every white girl, period. They just suck dick immediately. Black chicks don’t suck dick. They’re more respectful. White girls have fun. They suck good cock. They’re like 'Fuck me nigga.' They be calling me Lebron. They be calling me all kinds of names. I don’t get racial with them. I just say, suck this dick”

On his wife's looks:


HS: Is she super hot?

WK: She used to be. It's been 15 years man. You can't be hot after 15 years.

HS: Yeah, but do other guys think she’s hot?

WK: Maybe the Japanese dudes, but not me.

On having sex in the same room as 50 Cent:


Whoo Kid: "I did that before. We've done it before."

Howard Stern: "Yeah? So you've seen his dick, he's seen yours?"

Whoo Kid: "I don't see his dick or nothing like that. It was dark. I don't wanna see that shit. G-Unot! That'd be gay unit man, come on."

On his wife dealing with his promiscuous lifestyle:


"I'm a fuckin' DJ. My wife is Japanese, so... I don't got no black chick. She gotta deal with the niggerism.

DJ Whoo Kid


"Hope My Giants get it in this year and I swear they better give Victor Cruz whatever cash he is asking for!!! "


This morning, DJ Whoo Kid and Loaded Lux stopped by the Howard 100 studios to judge a rap battle between two Stern staffers, Jon Leiberman and Sal Governale. But before Whoo Kid put on his judge’s hat he participated in a hilarious and revealing interview with the King of all Media. Now Howard Stern’s known to get guests to reveal more than they’d like, but Whoo Kid certainly seemed to have no limits as he spewed details about his ‘open’ marriage, his childhood, and bromance with 50 Cent. Hopefully Whoo Kid’s loose lips don’t get him in too much trouble back home, but we had to share some of these gems. Check out The 13 Most Flagrant Remarks from DJ Whoo Kid’s Howard Stern interview. —XXL Staff